What Do You Desire?

The Expressive Words of “How Do You Want It” by Tupac Shakur

Detailed Interpretation of the Lyrics

The lyrics to “How Do You Want It” are a testament to Tupac Shakur’s ability to translate emotion into sound. The song, which features K-Ci and JoJo, is a masterpiece of hip-hop and R&B fusion. Tupac’s verse on the track is particularly striking, with the lyrics touching upon themes of desire, sensuality, and the blurred lines between love and lust.

  • The opening lines of the song set the tone for what’s to come: “How do you want it? How does it feel?” These questions are rhetorical, as the song’s subject matter is clear. Tupac is exploring the nature of physical desire and the blurred lines between love and lust.
  • Throughout the verse, Tupac uses vivid and sensual imagery to describe his feelings. He raps about “sweating” and “passion,” using language that is both romantic and sexual. He also touches upon themes of masculinity, describing himself as a “bitch-made” man who is “thug-nasty.”
  • The chorus of the song, delivered by K-Ci and JoJo, is a soaring, soulful cry of desire. The lyrics are simple, but the delivery is powerful. The chorus serves as a counterpoint to Tupac’s more aggressive lyrics, emphasizing the sensuality and emotional depth of the song.

Overall, “How Do You Want It” is a powerful exploration of desire, lust, and the complex emotions that underlie physical attraction. Tupac Shakur’s lyrics are raw and emotive, with the artist laying bare his soul for his listeners. The song remains a classic of the hip-hop and R&B genres, a testament to Tupac’s unmatched skill as a songwriter and performer.

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