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What are the best martial arts for weight loss?

What are the best martial arts for weight loss?
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If you want to do an intense exercise, that helps you lose pounds by increasing your physical strength while learning self-defense techniques, that never hurt, discover the martial arts that allow you to lose weight and gain self-confidence.

Karate, Judo, Capoeira, Taekwondo, Aikido … There is a great variety of martial arts and they all have in common that combining heavy physical training with the development of your own ability to concentrate. Mind and body go together in the practice of these disciplines, most of them millennial, which can be an excellent option if your goal is to lose weight and be in top shape.

Of all the options you can choose from, the best martial arts for weight loss are those with a higher calorie consumption because they are multiples of cardiovascular exercises in their practice, while requiring intensive work on the muscles of the trunk, legs and arms.

Pay attention to the most recommended and remember that with them you will not only lose weight but also increase strength, endurance, balance and agility.

Losing weight by practicing martial arts: which one to choose?

Martial arts allow you burn a fair amount of calories and fat while learning techniques and movements (tastings and keys) which can be more than helpful in immobilizing or taking out a potential attacker. If you want to lose weight and learn self-defense techniques, these are the perfect martial arts to shed pounds.


This Korea-based discipline is perfect for high-intensity cardio training and especially for strengthening the muscles buttocks and legs. It requires concentration when performing the routine of movements (tastings), but its practice also includes jumps, energetic kicks and constant fists, working the entire musculature.

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It is a ideal martial art to lose weight which is similar to the previous one, but karate involves a tough training that mainly affects the muscles of the abdomen, providing strength and stability to the core through various exercises. If your goal is to have an enviable flat stomach with karate then you can achieve it. This is an Olympic sport and you can lose 13-15 kcal in one workout. Per minute (calculate and you will see that it is a more than significant amount).


Without a doubt, it is one of the best options around lose weight by practicing martial arts. In this case, we are talking about a discipline of Afro-Brazilian descent that requires a lot dexterity and speed in coordinating the different movements, some typical of dance and others common in hand-to-hand combat. The dynamics and speed of a capoeira session, in which the exercises hardly follow each other, make it one of the most effective cardio workouts.


Learning to defend yourself with the power of your opponent’s attack is the ultimate goal of Aikido, a perfect martial art to increase your strength and stamina while shedding extra pounds. although not one of the most intense, you can burn up to 500 calories in a single session, while improving your agility and agility with brisk strides, jumps and twists. Aikido requires maximum concentration to increase physical as well as mental strength.


Judo is a more complete discipline and sport than with which it is possible to lose weight and get an optimal condition. The mental control it entails and the dynamics that a judo fight entails make it a ideal martial art to lose weight from the first session.


For many it should not be considered a martial art, but in fact it is a contact sport that combines punching punches with movements typical of these disciplines. A kickboxing workout requires a very high calorie consumption, So it is an option to consider if your goal is to lose weight, increase strength and have a good knowledge of self defense.

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