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Westworld season 3: release date, plot and cast

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HBO’s hit sci-fi series Westword is all set to return for a third time on March 15, 2020. The recent trailer of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s ultimate sci-fi tale of the Wild West is a critical hit on YouTube. The series appears to be airing every Sunday; on the other hand, the last episode of the series will air in May.

The cast of Westworld Season 3

Westworld is an Emmy Award-winning show starring Evan Rachel Wood, musician and actor. The series also features Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Rodrigo Santoro and Simon Quarterman.

There are some new actors entering the world of Westworld such as Vincent Cassel, Aaron Paul, Marshawn Lynch, Lena Waithe, Tommy Flanagan.

The experts and critics of the television industry suggest that Westworld is going to fill the void that Game of Thrones has left after the last season. This also indicates that HBO has a lot of hope for the series. In addition, HBO faces stiff competition from streaming platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.

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What is happening in Westworld?

Westworld is filled with several cliffhangers and the second season ended on a confusing yet enigmatic note that fans have been waiting for over a year now.

Several fan theories and speculations will be answered once Westworld’s third season premieres on HBO this month.

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