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Is Wayne Season 2 Coming? Is there a possibility the show is coming? In our article, we will give you the information about the second episode of the show. Whether it comes or not.

Wayne Season 2

Wayne is a sitcom created by Shawn Simmon .The show debut on January 16, 2019 and received so much praise from the critics and from the viewers.

The story of the show is about a 16 year old boy named Wayne, he is a bully of bullies, but he has a heart of gold. One day he decided to take an unplanned road trip to Florida with his new friend Del, who is in love with her. He wants to get his father’s stolen car back.

Wanye didn’t have full information about where the car is, he only knows the name of the city. Soon he was faced with hilarious and heartfelt situations during his trip to Florida.

Wayne Season 2: Is the Show Canceled?

Initially, the show was canceled on August 16, 2019, after one season, now comes the question: are there any chances of getting the show back???

The first episode was released on Amazon Prime video On Nov 6, 2020.

The addition of the show to an online streaming platform increases the chances of a second season renewal. Now Amazon Prime decided to renew the show for the second episode.

The fans of the show are very excited and happy after seeing the news that Wanye Season 2 is coming, how about you? Are you happy with this? Share your answers with us in our comment section.

Who will be in Wayne Season 2?

  • Mark McKenna as Wayne McCullough
  • Ciara Bravo as Delilah “Del”
  • Stephen Kearin as Sergeant Stephen Geller
  • James Earl as Officer Jay Genetti
  • Dean Winters as Bobby
  • Jon Champagne as a car
  • Jamie Champagne as TeddyWayne Season 2 Cast

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Wayne Season 2 Storyline

Let’s talk about the last episode of this show, in the last episode Wanye was at the Ocala Police Station where Sgt. Geller tells him about his mistakes on his journey, then realizes he needs Del.

After meeting Wayne’s mom, Del asks her “where’s Wayne?” and then she goes looking for him.

Sergeant Geller receives a crime scene report, then Reggie attacks the agency’s agent and drives off in their car.

He sees Wayne trapped there and tried to kill him. The two fights and in these fights Wanye suffered a serious arm injury.

Then Reggie tried to kill Wayne and suddenly Reggie came and the two beat Reggie both run in Wayne’s car and Del wants to take him to the hospital.

In the car, Del confessed her love for Wayne, but he beats her to it. Del’s father discovers that Del is unconscious and takes her, leaving Wayne to die there. Later, the ambulance finds him, but Wanye saw Del’s necklace lost and keeps it with him. Eventually Wayne is arrested.

And it is believed that the Wayne Season 2 story will begin with the continuation of the final episode, where Wayne is arrested.

A question arises here. Why didn’t Wayne accept Del’s love for him? Will Del Wayne meet again?

If he doesn’t love Del, why is he keeping her necklace with him? Share your thoughts on these questions.Wayne Season 2 Stroyline

Wayne Season 2: Where can we watch this show?

The show can be seen on Amazon Prime video and further Youtube Premium.

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The show got so much positive response from critics and the public. Speaking of the ratings, Rotten tomatoes gave the Wayne in total 8 out of 10 ratings based on 12 reviews. The website said: “The most thoughtful violent series you’ll see all year, Wayne is a home run”.

If you haven’t seen the series yet, you should watch this one, because it’s a must-see show.

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