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Watch the trailer for his new movie ‘Wrath of Man’ –

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Eyes up, friends! Guy Ritchie is back on another shoot-em-up, and Twitter has been buzzing since the trailer came out earlier today. Guys who claim that Guy Ritchie movies didn’t become parodies of themselves will have a hard time holding their position when watching the new trailer. Jason Statham? To check. Guns? To check. Damn, we’re on it again, guys.

Coming soon

Guy Ritchie has given a title to his new film Wrath of Man, and it looks like that’s exactly what the movie will deliver, as the trailer gives us another quick-cut montage of guns on fire in the midst of what looks like a bank robbery, robbery, or some sort of other masculine affair requiring the deadliest weapons and the most complicated explosives.

Of course, Jason Statham can’t deliver this titular wrath on his own – he needs a ragtag team of himbos wielding automatic weapons to help him along the way. Is our motley group of guys a police force or an armed barrage of ex-cons looking to get their last big score? It doesn’t matter, and we doubt any viewer of Guy Ritchie’s new movie trailer will be able to answer that question.

Details of the character’s story and origins are useless, all we need to know is what the trailer tells us: Guy Ritchie has a new movie, Jason Statham is in it, and the two friends are back together to show off some slick action scenes where boys are blasted, money is taken and cars tip over.

Back in action

However, The wrath of man is the first “Guy Ritchie” Guy Ritchie movie in a while.

The last five years of Ritchie’s career have been marked by adventurous new avenues, such as directing the 2019 live-action Aladdin remake, and it will take on a world premiere in 2017 King Arthur: Legend of the SwordRitchie had to make some updates for his new movie in 2021.

And what does Guy Ritchie’s new film mark as his 2021 attempt? A cameo from the face-tattooed genre-spanning superstar Post Malone, right in the trailer. For the generation too young to remember the 2000s Jerking, Ritchie sent an irresistible bait.

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While Gen Z gets Post Malone in Guy Ritchie’s new movie, millennials get Josh Hartnett in as an equally irresistible bait for viewers, while the late ’20s and’ 30s get the eye-opening star of the protagonist they’ve all been missing these years. (where is he hiding?

The stars pair up with some classic Guy action scenes in a trailer that’s bound to attract fans of all kinds of action who need nothing but the promise of a barrage of bullets to get their @sses into a pair of reclining theater seats. Watch out guys, there’s a new Guy Ritchie movie coming up.

Origin story

The wrath of man Will be Ritchie’s fourth film starring Jason Statham, but it seems the story behind the filming doesn’t come from the mind of one of England’s most celebrated action film directors.

In 2019 Deadline reported that the next Wrath of Man has its origins in a 2004 French film entitled Le Convoyeur by director Nicolas Boukhrief.

The story of The wrath of man is undoubtedly of little interest to fans who like to sit back and watch the bullets fly in a new Guy Ritchie movie; fans want the fast-paced action scenes that Guy Ritchie is famous for, and the trailer tells fans that Guy is going to perform again.

The trailer for The wrath of man is available on the film’s official Twitter page, telling us fans won’t have to wait long to absorb the anger; Guy Ritchie’s new movie hits theaters on May 7.

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