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Dr. Bell needs a favor from the stepson who hates him The inhabitant Season 4, Episode 6Here’s how to watch the all-new episode live.

The hospital is moving from a private hospital to a public hospital. This is the only way to keep it from being demolished and turned into apartments, but it will certainly bring some problems. We just have to see how New Amsterdam addresses some of the financial issues – or not, in Max’s case!

The hospital needs a new CEO, but that’s probably not the favor Bell needs from his stepson. In previous episodes, Kit has made it clear that the best way to keep the hospital afloat is to get the drug that pays for it. It’s all about the three C’s, and the third was cosmetic.

Bell’s stepson is a plastic surgeon, but does he want to help? That’s what we’ll find out during The inhabitant Season 4, Episode 6.

Elsewhere in The Resident Season 4, Episode 6

While all of that is happening, Devon sees an opportunity to change the system. He still has doubts about his father’s death.

This isn’t just the fact that it was his dad. Those close to their parents will mourn their loss. Even when you are not close, you feel that emptiness. But Devon’s problems stem from his own guilt. His father was in a hospital that was understaffed and overworked. His father fell through the cracks like so many others, and Devon knows the whole system is broken.

The hospital turning into a public hospital offers the chance to fix that, but does anyone want to listen?

Meanwhile, Nic is recovering from the attack in the previous episode. This doesn’t just get physical either. Luckily, she has her old boyfriend, Billie, to keep her company while Conrad works.

Check out the promo and synopsis for that The inhabitant Season 4, Episode 6:

While Nic struggles with her recovery, her good friend and former Chastain colleague, Billie, returns to the hospital to support her. Meanwhile, as the hospital shifts from private to public, the search for a new CEO begins, Bell asks a favor from his stepson (guest star Conrad Ricamora), and Devon sees an opportunity to fix the system.

Don’t miss the all new episode of The inhabitantYou can catch up with Hulu, but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Tuesday, February 16
Start time: 8 / 7c
Episode: Season 4, Episode 6, “Requiems & Revivals”
TV channel: Fox
Live stream: Current 1 Current 2

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