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Watch The Chosen Season 2 Online: Episode Schedule

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The hit television series The Chosen season one had garnered massive attention from all fans, and now that viewers are curious about the second season, it looks like the wait is finally over as the story continues for a second season as well. The faith-based show received massive amounts of money as fans glimpsed some of the important events of the gospel.

While the second season renewal announcement came a while ago, wait no more, as season two of The Chosen had already made its debut on Easter Sunday. Not only that, but there are a few episodes for fans to binge-watch too.

The Chosen Season 2: When will it be released?

The Chosen initially started as a media project in 2019; the show became unexpectedly popular, so much so that a large team of people invested a whopping $ 10 million in the show. Based on the teachings and teachings of Jesus Christ, the first season received a whopping 20 million views. The creators certainly made a big gamble, but it paid off given the overwhelming response the faith-based show received.

The popularity of the first season also led to the creation of the second season, now that the second season has now been released with the first few episodes. The second show debuted on a day of tremendous significance, Easter Sunday. While talking about the brand new second season, series star Jonathan Roumie revealed that everyone involved in the show wants to get bigger with the second season.

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The Chosen Season 2: Episode Schedule & Plot Details

Series star Jonathan Roumie further revealed that the role actually made him a better version of himself. Fans will see the Sermon on the Mount in the second season, as the actor shared that the amount of precautions taken while filming the scene was unprecedented. Production for the entire second season isn’t over yet, and there’s more that fans will see once all episodes of Season 2 come out. View the delivery schedule here:

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  • The Chosen Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date – April 4, 2021-Thunder
  • The Chosen Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date – April 13, 2021 – I Saw You.
  • The Chosen Season 2 Episode 3 Release date – April 13, 2021 – Mathew 4:24
  • The Chosen Season 2 Episode 4 Release Date – TBA – The Perfect Opportunity.
  • The Chosen Season 2 Episode 5 Release date – April 27, 2020 (according to announcement weekly)

As the director and entire cast and crew of The Chosen certainly did a great job of wrapping up the second season with the first episode on Easter Sunder, which was on April 4th. In addition, fans were given a preview on April 3. Watch the official trailer for The Chosen season 2 to get a taste of the latest episode.

The Chosen Season 2: When will Fams see the remaining episodes?

Director Jenkins took the opportunity to further reveal that after the first episode makes its debut, each episode will be released as soon as it ends. Jenkins further informs fans that the show was a bit on budget this time around and the second season has yet to be completed. This means that fans have to wait a little longer to get their hands on the entire second season. Speaking about what to expect from the second season, the director shared the importance of bringing Jesus’ teachings to the fore as the whole world reeling from the terror of a pandemic.

The elect 2

The popular show also covers class divisions and the teachings that are for everyone, and the lesson learned goes a long way. While the first season focused more on the teachings and miracles of Jesus, the second season is expected to focus on the disciple’s relationships and the eternal impact of Jesus. For now, they’ve been showing the show for free while the director is urging people to watch it and allow funding, as the production costs exceeded budget this time. For now, don’t forget to check out the first few episodes of The Chosen season 2.

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