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It’s time for Heather Martin to come into the house after her quarantine. Don’t miss a beat The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 7 life.

A lot has happened in Bachelor Nation this weekend. Chris Harrison is taking a break for a while and will not be in the Women Tell All segment of the series. Rachael Kirkconnell has finally apologized for the ignorance of her past and admitted that the photos are truly racist and offensive.

This episode will understandably say nothing about that. The episode was filmed months ago, long before everything happened this weekend. Instead, this week is all about Heather Martin entering the house.

See, her reintroduction to the show in the previous episode was chilling at best. That was probably up to the producers, as the show has moved on from what it used to be. There really is too much drama right now instead of focusing on finding love. That’s exactly what you can expect in Episode 7.

What happens in The Bachelor season 25 episode 7

Heather’s appearance will shake up a few things. Is she there to win Matt’s heart, or will she help some of the other ladies get their hands on roses? Whatever the reason, some women aren’t going to like her being there.

There will be many tears during the episode. Tensions are high because the women just want to win Matt’s heart. They are done with all the twists and turns that are happening.

And it looks like someone is going home without a rose ceremony during the episode. It’s not clear who it is, but it sounds like it’s Matt’s choice. What’s going on in that house?

All I know is that the drama has to end because of the drama. It’s getting tiring.

View the preview of The Bachelor Season 25, Episode 7.

With birthplaces just two weeks away and a surprising new arrival, the drama really takes off. But whose relationship with Matt will hit a speed bump?

Don’t miss the all new episode of The BachelorYou can catch up with Hulu, but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Monday, February 15
Start time: 8 / 7c
Episode: Season 25, Episode 7
TV channel: ABC
Live stream: Current 1 Current 2

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