Watch: Teachers Welcome Students With Multivitamin Tablets As Schools In Tamil Nadu Reopen For Classes 10,12


After a long hiatus of about 10 months, schools in Tamil Nadu reopened to students from grades 10 and 12 from Tuesday. Students entered the school building after cleaning their hands with hand sanitizers and the latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). the government had followed.

The students who were delighted to be able to attend the first offline class of the academic session wore masks and queued outside the schools while maintaining social distance.

Teachers welcomed them by handing out multivitamin tablets to bolster their immunity as they all first entered the school building after taking online classes during the lockdown period.

Monday, preparations took place at a rapid pace in all middle and upper secondary schools, including self-funding institutions, across the state.

Actor Dhamu welcomed the students with his motivational speech at a Government Higher Secondary School in Ashok Nagar, Chennai.

It was previously announced by officials that a panel consisting of four IAS officials will oversee school activities. They will also instruct the district education officials to inspect all institutions to ensure that all security measures are followed without easing.

The schools for grades 10 and 12 reopened in Tamil Nadu on Tuesday after closing for the past 10 months to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, and they have been instructed by the Directorate of Education (DoE) to remove all COVID-19 guidelines when resuming classroom studies.

Placing sanitizers in hallways, volunteers to ensure social distance is maintained, and temperature controls are among several other initiatives being planned by schools.

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