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Watch Taxi Driver Episode 4 online: release date and preview

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The Korean drama series ‘The Taxi Driver’ or ‘모범 택시’ is based on a webtoon called ‘The Deluxe Taxi’ – written by Carlos and Lee Jae-jin. The kdrama has been catching viewers’ attention since it aired. From its incredible cast and storyline, people rave about it. It was broadcast on April 9, 2021 and will be broadcast until May 29, 2021. The taxi driver is about the story of a taxi organization, Rainbox Taxi. This is not a normal taxi organization, it is a secret organization that helps the victims, who the law could not justify, to get revenge. Jang Sung Chul (Kim Eui Sung), the head of the organization, invites a man named Do Gi (Lee Je Hoon). Do Gi was an honest officer in the special forces, but when a serial killer killed his mother, the law couldn’t give him justice.

After Do Gi joins the organization, he becomes a taxi driver with satisfying revenge. Kang Ha Na is an elite prosecutor who investigates Rainbow Taxi and becomes interested in Do Gi’s work. The main characters also include Go Eun as a hacker of ‘Rainbow taxi’ and an IT specialist.

The main cast

Taxi driver CR: Rakuten Viki

Lee Je Hoon plays the role of the ambitious Kim Do Gi. Lee Je Hoon was awarded Best New Actor at the 48th Daejong Film Awards for his outstanding portrayal of roles on “Bleak Night” and “The Front Line”. The most popular character played by Kim Do Gi is Detective Park Hae Young in Signal. As Kang Ha-na, Esom is a passionate prosecutor and passionately fights for justice and is interested in the work of Kim Do Gi.

Jang Sung-Chul plays Kim Eui Sung, the CEO of Rainbow Taxi Company, who is known to be cold-blooded but unlike his merciless nature, he runs a foundation that helps crime victims. Pyo Ye-Jin plays Ahn Go-eun in this drama. Ahn Go-Eun is a master hacker who works for Rainbow Taxi Company.

Taxi Driver Episode 3 Summary

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The taxi driver cr: Rakuten Viki

Episode 3 of the mysterious South Korean drama was released on April 16, 2021. The episode lasts 70 minutes and airs every Friday and Saturday on SBS. The episode opens with Jang Sung-Chul, the CEO, who is questioned about his past. Sung-Chul is questioned about his parents and what he thinks about the killer. Sung-Chul answers the questions cleverly and sounds very credible. He says he’s really forgiven the smart one and has nothing to do with him as he’s moved on. Ha-na questions Do Gi at the taxi company and loses patience as she continues to ask him about Han-Sol’s whereabouts. Ha-na’s chief learns of the incident and tells her to give up the Duk-Chool case because she has become emotionally involved.

Do-Gi witnesses his next case in the form of a young boy, a college student named Jung-Min. While Jung-Min’s mother works in the fish market, Jung-Min smells of fish, making him an easy target for bullying. The children beat him until he bleeds, but no one comes to his aid. The teachers do a terrible job of protecting their students and breaking the barrier of ignorance by telling Jung-Min to be nice to those who beat him up. The bullies take money from Jung Min and when he thinks about reporting it to the police, they come to his house. Jung Min becomes terrified because he fears for his mother’s safety. Will Gi and his team come to his aid?

Do Gi’s plan requires him to dress like a substitute teacher, his strategy is to act clumsy and weak to become a target for the three bullies Seung-Tae, Hyung-Sik and Hak Soo.

The three bullies put photos of another student who is also a victim of bullying in Do Gi’s bag, which leads to Do Gi being charged with sexual assault.

Taxi driver episode 4 release date

Taxi Driver released the first episode on SBS on April 9, 2021. If you don’t live in Korea, you can stream Taxi Driver Rakuten Viki. The episodes will be released on SBS at 6:30 pm KST, which is 4:30 pm CDT.

Let’s hope Do Gi teaches the bullies a lesson in the next episode and clears up his name.

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