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Watch Swagatam Movie Streaming Online Streaming on Shemaroo Me App Cast Crew & Review

Watch Swagatam Movie Streaming Online Streaming on Shemaroo Me App Cast Crew & Review
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The most anticipated and feature-rich Gujarati movie will soon be released on the OTT platform to provide the viewers with a movie full of entertainment that is sure to take the audience to another level of excitement and fun with its unique storyline and concept. The great and fantastic upcoming movie called Swagatam No Mask, No Swagatam is ready to stream on the most popular OTT platform called Shemaroo Me. The movie will definitely draw the viewers to the movie as the concept of the movie is quite unique and also the storyline of the movie is a bit appealing and no creators come up with this concept so the movie is expected to do it. will certainly appeal to the audience towards the film to witness it. The movie will be ready to stream on the platform soon and is sure to give audiences an incredible experience of fun and entertainment.

Watch Swagatam Movie Streaming Online Streaming on Shemaroo Me App Cast Crew & Review

Swagatam release date:

This movie is an upcoming Gujarati parody thriller drama film presented by Bharat Sevak in collaboration with Divyesh Doshi & NJ Entertainment and hosted by Malhar Thakar. The film is directed by Neeraj Joshi and produced by Manoj Ahir, Divyang Thakar, Rajesh Patel with photography directed by Suraj C Kurade and editing by Nirav Panchal. The film is set to hit theaters very soon, but the creators have taken a turn and made a gift to viewers by relating the film on the OTT platform before hitting theaters. The release date of the Swagatam movie will be set for May 20, 2021 at 12 noon IST, on the Shemaroo Me app only.

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Swagatam storyline:

The Swagatam Movie Storyline revolves around the tale of an insane asylum with astonishing mysterious mysteries and a path of madness that goes through the hemoglobin. Manav’s naive-looking house has a strange obsession with destroying the aforementioned homeless men who have the oblivion to look forward to the world. One day, Manav delivers the big news of his marriage to his home and uncovers all the family’s deep mysteries. Now it is interesting to see what his family’s reaction will be.

Swagatam movie star cast:

  • Malhar Thakar
  • Katha
  • Ojas Rawal
  • Vandana Pathak
  • Jay Upadhyay
  • Jigna Sevak – Special appearance

Swagatam trailer:

The Swagatam Movie Trailer was uploaded to the official YouTube channel of the Shemaroo Gujarati on May 17, 2o21, where they released the trailer with the crew caption and the film’s storyline. The trailer gets so many positive reactions from the viewers and they give the movie a good number of likes and comments along with a lot of views within a few time of the trailer’s release. So don’t forget to see the Swagatam movie on May 20, 2021 at 12 noon IST only in the Shemaroo Me app.

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