Watch some classic Bollywood movies online from the Lonavala International Film Festival for free

The pandemic has certainly changed the movie world, evolving much faster this year than ever before. Movie buffs are already getting used to the idea of ​​watching their favorite movies on digital platforms, not only that, they are also attending major festivals and events happening remotely around the world this year due to safety concerns.

The latest event to go online now is the Lonavala International Film Festival India (LIFFI) 2020, which kicked off on Friday, November 27 and will run through December 13. This year, the LIFFI is paying tribute to the late Bollywood filmmaker NN Sippy and every day Bollywood fans in the UAE can watch a Sippy classic online for free at 6:00 PM India time (7:30 PM UAE time).

Nine classic Hindi feature films and 4-5 multilingual short films will be screened during the event, which will take place in three segments. Fans can also participate in various discussions at the festival for free, from the privacy of their home.

Some of the NN Sippy hits featured at the event include Woh Kaun Thi, Gumnaam, Devata, Sargam, Fakira and Chor Machaaye Shor, among other things. Papa Kehte Hai and internationally acclaimed Mukti Bhawan (Salvation Hotel) will also be screened during the LIFFI.

Speaking of the event, NN Sippy’s son, Pravesh, recounted, Khaleej Times over the phone from Mumbai that he is proud to be a part of the festival and showcase his father’s creations.

“My father died in 2006 and I thought it was time we had to show his creations. I take care of his film library and body of work and want to continue his legacy, so I thought this would be a good time to pay tribute. “

Pravesh made his foray into the film industry with Subash Ghai-directed Meri Jaan, he has also made films such as the award-winning Mukti Bhawan (Hotel Salvation) The square circle, who made it TIME top 10 choice of magazine, Retreat and The real Mc-CoyHe also produced the Bollywood musical Bollywood – A Love Story, directed by Bollywood choreographer Remo. Thinking back to his earlier days in the industry, the filmmaker said, “I started my career as an assistant at Subash Ghai. My dad would never interfere in my career or get on the sets of my movies, except stop by a few times and have lunch with us on the sets, even though he was so involved in filmmaking. “

A large number of Sippy’s films have been restored and archived and are now maintained by the Film Heritage Foundation in India following Pravesh’s efforts.

“Many filmmakers were unaware of the value of their work in the past. So many things have disappeared from the bygone era. I went to great lengths to restore and archive my father’s films and keep them for the future. It was time consuming, expensive and there were also several legal hurdles. I had to handle all of that, but in the end I did, ”explained the filmmaker.

Pravesh prefers to make meaningful films to films of commercial value only. “I want to make movies that are meaningful to the audience, not just cash registers, formula money spinners. I don’t hunt movies like that. My last movie as an associate producer was Mukti Bhawan Hotel SalvationIt won 36 awards and has been screened at all major international film festivals. The film had an astonishing 15-week run in Japan, which was a rare occurrence for a Hindi film in that country. I also made the documentary My home India, an official selection in the documentaries category at the Oscars. Movies like that have a huge impact on people and that gives me a lot of satisfaction, ”he said.

Pravesh admits that showing his father’s illustrious films at LIFFI is close to his heart. “I did it for my father and his oeuvre. Moreover, we must support such festivals. I also gave my film Mukti Bhavan can be seen during the last part of the festival. I will also bring the film’s director, Shubhashish Bhutiani, as a special guest to interact with at the event, ”he said.

Whether digital or analog, the public can gain a lot from such an event. “I hope a lot of people will tune in everywhere and watch the festival. They will enjoy the event as it is an online festival. They also have access to everything that happens on the ground, such as live chats, discussion panels, question and answer sessions, workshops, etc. So that’s the takeaway for the public, ”he said.

The LIFFI) will be shown online Nov. 27-29, Dec. 4-6, and Dec. 11-13, starting (7:30 p.m. UAE time) on the dates listed above. People in the UAE can view the LIFFI by downloading the PLEXIGO app at

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