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The Gallaghers don’t deserve Liam. We really thought he was (accidentally) at the end of the day last episode of Shamelessand maybe he still has, but based on the pictures we saw for the upcoming episode, when we watch Shameless Season 11, Episode 6, it looks like we’ll find out that Terry survived the “drive-by” recording.

Here’s what we know about what will happen when we tune in to watch Shameless Season 11, Episode 6. Because Terry is convinced he was the victim of a drive-by shooting and has no idea what really happened, Liam is not only shocked by what he did, but will feel even more worry about the truth coming to light. Mickey and Ian will have to step in and help, but we’re not sure how they’ll play a role in making Wallace St.

After poking around to learn more about Sandy’s life, Debbie confronts Sandy in this episode and it could have an impact on their relationship. Still in need of a place to live, Lip is trying to find a rental, but will team up with Brad and Mickey (and Ian?) To get revenge on the bike shop’s new owners. Carl is living his best life on his day off, and based on Mickey’s reaction to seeing Carl in the trailer, it looks like Mickey wants to keep their bike shopping adventure off Carl’s radar.

As a class parent in the twins’ elementary school, V gets a firsthand look at how the students are prepared for emergency drills. Check out the trailer below to watch Shameless Season 11, Episode 6 is about preparing for an active shooter lockdown.

Before watching Shameless Season 11 Episode 6, watch the trailer

We can’t believe the final season is almost halfway through! Don’t miss how to watch Shameless Season 11, Episode 6. You can catch up on previous episodes on Showtime Anytime, but you can also watch live online with the following details:

Date: Sunday, February 14
Start time: 9 / 8c
Episode: Season 11, Episode 6 “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good … Eh, Screw It”
TV channel: Show Time
Live stream Current 1 Current 2

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