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Watch Rajni Kaand 2 Cineprime Web Series Online

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Watch Rajni Kaand 2 Cineprime Web Series Online
Watch Rajni Kaand 2 Cineprime Web Series Online

In this article, I will share the details about the Rajni Kaand 2 Cineprime web series cast, actress, actor, roles, story, wiki, all episodes, release date, how to watch online for free, review and many more.

Today the famous ott platform Cineprime released its upcoming web series Rajni Kaand 2 trailer on youtube. The genre of this web series is fantasy, drama and romance. Currently, the Cineprime app releases web series weekly. Everyone in the world loves the Cineprime web series.

Rajni Kaand 2 Cineprime Web Series Details

Rajni kaand is the most famous web series of the Cineprime app. Last season, it was revealed that there was a housewife named Rajni. She goes to work in the office. Rajni impresses the office manager with her seductive appearance and begins to fulfill her boss’s sexual desire. He makes Rajni a personal secretary. Rajni moves with her boss to a good place in the office. After some time, Rajni gets her boss out of the office through fraud and another man takes over.

What Rajni will do this season has not yet been announced. Cineprime has not yet launched the trailer for this web series, but has only released the poster. The trailer of rajni kaand 2 will be released on youtube soon after which we will know all the details about this web series.

title name Rajni Kand 2
Publication date Nov 2022
Director Not yet known
there platform Cineprime App
Genre Drama, Romance
Country India
Language Hindi
Type Web series
Subtitle Rajni Kaand 2 Cineprime Web Series
Form Ridhima Tiwaric
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