Watch: Rahul Gandhi Turns Chef On Online Cooking Show; Makes Tamil Nadu’s Popular ‘Kaalan Biryani’


  • Rahul Gandhi featured in online cooking show ‘Village Cooking Channel’
  • Rahul Gandhi helped chefs prepare mushroom biryani (kaalan biryani).
  • Watch the full video of the online cooking show.

We all love biryani. Isn’t that so? Biryani has a special place in everyone’s heart. And let’s admit, we do everything we can to satisfy our biryani cravings – from patting at home to exploring every biryani joint possible in the city. Indian politician Rahul Gandhi was recently spotted whipping up Tamil Nadu’s famous ‘kaalan biryani’ (mushroom biryani) and enjoying a popular online cooking show. The video was uploaded on the popular YouTube channel ‘Village Cooking Channel’ and went viral on social media in no time, with over 90 lakh views in less than 48 hours.

The 14-minute video shows Rahul Gandhi helping the chefs prepare a handi-full of ‘kaalan biryani’ and later enjoying the food on a mat. He saw that he was adding vengayam (onion), thayir (curd) and kalluppu (rock salt) to the dish. “It smells really good. It looks really nice too,” he said. He also appreciated them in Tamil and said “romba nalla irukku” (stands for: very nice).

In addition, he was also seen talking to the chefs and inquiring about their future plans, followed by a casual conversation.

The video ends with Mr. Gandhi asking the chefs (YouTubers) to cook their special ‘termite curry’ for him on his next visit to Tamil Nadu.

This 14-minute video generated more than 50,000 comments on YouTube. While some appreciated saying ‘great work’, others found it ‘inspiring’.

“Finally, the conclusion of this video is ‘Love has no language’,” read a comment.


Find the full video here:

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