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Watch our all-counting interview with this ‘Selling Sunset’ star –

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Sell ​​Sunset is more than real estate. The Oppenheim Group is more than meets the eye and that’s exactly what we see in Netflix’s show. Brett and Jason Oppenheim have teamed up with Mary Fitzgerald, Christine Quinn, Chrishell Stause, Heather Rae Young, Amanza Smith and more.

These women are known for their great outfits and quick wit as they try to sell multi-million dollar homes and avoid the latest drama. Fortunately for us, Netflix recently announced their extension and we can expect two more seasons!

We had the pleasure to talk to Sell ​​Sunset icon, Mary Fitzgerald. Will the feud between her and Christine Quinn reach season 4? What can we expect from the cast? Watch our interview as we dive into the details.

Sell, sell, sell

Mary Fitzgerald is the talk of Los Angeles after a strange feud between her and costar Christine Quinn. It looks like the drama is taking place both on and off the screen. Fitzgerald began her real estate journey in New York as a real estate agent and joined the Oppenheim Group in Los Angeles in 2014.

During Season 1, it was revealed that Fitzgerald and Oppenheim boss Jason had a romantic relationship for a while and even shared custody of two dogs Zelda and Niko. This was before Mary Fitzgerald’s beautiful marriage to beau Romain Bonnet was shared during Sell ​​Sunset. According to her, the wedding is great to look back on and share with millions of viewers around the world.

The tight-knit Oppenheim group has quite a bit of drama, but one thing that draws us back is the luxurious lifestyle and extravagant million-dollar homes they hope to sell. The commission alone is enough to make everyone jealous. . . . We see Mary doing what she does best and selling homes in Los Angeles to the rich and famous.

Drama never ends

Although Mary Fitzgerald may not be known as the drama queen Sell ​​Sunset that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been involved in drama. Christine Quinn posted a fierce TikTok after her pregnancy announcement, revealing how a certain trio didn’t like the Instagram post. Mary Fitzgerald, Chrishell Stause and Heather Rae Young reportedly did not congratulate their costar on her pregnancy.

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Fitzgerald spoke about the feud and said everything is fine on her side! According to the Sell ​​Sunset star, she wished Quinn the best and let her know she would be there for her during her pregnancy. “So I’m trying to keep the peace for now and I’ll talk to her about it if I have to.”

Looks like we’re headed for a showdown in season 4 of Netflix’s reality series Sell ​​Sunset. Are you tuning in to the new season? Let us know if you have any questions for Mary Fitzgerald in the comments.

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