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Watch Online Kabristan Games or Karma Ullu Web Series Download (2021): This is the latest Hindi web series featuring Pratima Kannan and some new faces. Kabristan Games of Karma is the story of an old man who seeks his needs in a different way. Watch all the latest installments of the Kabristan Games of Karma web series online on the ullu app. The series was released today on September 14, 2021 (Tuesday).

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Here is the main cast list of the latest Ullu web series Games Of Karma Kabristan

Pratima Kannani

Full Details of Karma Ullu Web Series Kabristan Games

Here are the full details of the 2021 Kabristan web series

Kabristan Playing Karma
  • Name: Game Of Karma Kabristan (2021)
  • Part 1
  • Type: web series
  • Online OTT Platform: ULLU
  • Language: No.
  • Stream date: September 14, 2021

Games Of Karma Kabristan ULLU Web Series Download Watch Online Story

This is the story of an old man who works as a gravedigger in the cemetery, whose wife has left him and now she doesn’t even allow him her son anymore. The old man lives alone who cannot speak, is mute, digs graves and lives alone in the house. One day he gets a call from his sister, who tells the old man that she is coming to visit him. On the arrival of the sister, the old man expresses her wish to meet his son, who will now be almost 18 and 19 years old. Aapa tells her brother that she will talk to her, after her sister leaves, the old man takes the dead body from the grave and starts to rape her. grave at night. Removes them and does the dirty work.

One day the corpse of a young girl comes, and sees that the old man becomes happy and waits for the night, as soon as it gets dark, the old man goes to the graveyard and comes out of the girl’s body and goes to pay his money . son comes from behind whom the old man does not recognize that he sees the corpse whose clothes were removed by the old man, that boy fixes the clothes of that corpse, so that girl’s brother and father visit the graveyard and consider the boy guilty by pushing it halfway into the ground. People have stones killed, while the old sister tells him that you met your son, he had come to meet you in the graveyard. Once the old man comes to know the reality, he goes to save his son, but because he is stupid, he doesn’t know the words and people kill his son with stones in front of him.


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