Watch now: City-wide art event highlights climate change amid Arctic explosion

An illuminated metal sculpture, designed to represent an oil platform, rests on Lake Mendota in front of a quiet, snow-covered Memorial Union Terrace.

Frozen pants, shirts and socks hung from a clothesline at Garver Feed Mill, and in Law Park, a Yeti, a little depressed about the state of the environment, looks out over Lake Monona.

There are short films, a waste lab, activism forums and a series of online events.

In brief, Winter is alive! A cooler world carnival, a city-wide arts and cultural event focused on climate change is arguably one of the most Madison events ever. Only unlike the Willy Street Fair, La Fete de Marquette, Naked Bike Ride, and Art Fair on the Square, long underwear and a good pair of boots are a must to exhibit and display outdoors for the next three weeks.

Winter is alive!

Tamsie Ringler, right, a metal artist and organizer of Winter is Alive! A Cooler World Carnival, will be assisted in installing its metal sculpture intended to illuminate and depict a floating oil platform. The statue, on Lake Mendota near the Memorial Union Terrace, is one of more than 30 public works of art included in the three-week event that concludes March 7.


Like the town’s typical summer events, the weather is cooperating at full speed.

“I love politically engaged art, but it’s also very accessible to anyone from any background,” said Tamsie Ringler, 57, a sculptor, foundry artist and event director who, as a student at UW-Madison, helped organize a nuclear war. fashion show at State Street Mall.

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