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(Watch) Nagaland Singer Sings Kishore Kumar’s Hit Bengali Song, Woos Netizens – ODISHA BYTES

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New Delhi: NK Naga (Ngukavi), a singer from Nagaland wins hearts online with a rendition of an iconic Bengali hit. To be beautiful cover of Shing Nei Tobu Naam Tar Singha, A cult hit from the 1958 film ‘Lukochuri’, which also featured Kishore Kumar in a dual role, has gone viral across the country and has been viewed more than 6.5 thousand times

He deserves credit for his command of the language. “Singing bengali songs with that phrase is perfection … And singing a Kishore da song is not easy … yet you did it Great job Keep going (sic)” wrote one user on YouTube.

“Sung excellently with such fine diction and expression,” commented another.

Check out the original song here:

This makes Naga the first Naga singer to get the chance to play for a Bollywood movie.

The multilingual singer from Dimapur told us Nagaland Express that he “expresses happiness and shows (national) unity through music.

“Kishore Da is my inspiration and I tried to express my love for Bengal by singing in their language,” he said in the viral video.

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