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Watch live the Australian Open – this weekend

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The Australian Open is finally here! A Grand Slam tennis tournament so hot that we finally give George Costanza a pass for the disgusting food of his hot fudge sundae during the tennis episode of SeinfeldThe 109th edition of this celebrated tournament, taking place February 8-21, 2021, and the 53rd edition of the “Open Era”, will certainly be a spectacle not to be missed. Are you coming to watch it live?

Originally scheduled for January 18-31, 2021, but eventually relocated due to concerns about COVID-19, the Australian Open is offering tennis fans a potpourri of exciting matches to watch live. This included singles, doubles, mixed doubles, and even some wheelchair competitions that are both thrilling and inspiring to watch.

However, we are very excited to see some of the Australian Open’s mixed doubles games live! Why? Because watching a man and a woman compete together really helps put into perspective how balanced the sport is and how top athlete you need to be to play tennis. Want to watch some of the mixed doubles matches live from the Australian Open this weekend? Let’s see who’s on deck.

What is a mixed double match?

In tennis, a mixed doubles match is played in exactly the same way as doubles, except that each team has one man and one woman per team.

This is a special kind of competition for several reasons, perhaps the most prominent of which is that they don’t take place often. Men’s and women’s professional tennis tours are run separately, so fans of the sport usually have to wait for one of four Grand Slam tournaments, such as the Australian Open, to watch a mixed double match. This popular event was even brought back for the 2012 Summer Olympics.

The Grand Slam tournaments consist of the Australian Open, the French Open, the US Open and Wimbledon. A mixed doubles team must win all four in one calendar year to complete the “Grand Slam”.

Only one Grand Slam has ever been completed by a mixed doubles team, and that was in 1963 by Margaret Court and Ken Fletcher.

While neither of these teams completed the Grand Slam, many of them won multiple titles in mixed doubles, earning them a bid in the hat of “best mixed doubles team ever”. They include powerhouse teams such as John McEnroe & Mary Carillo, Billie Jean King & Owen Davidson, and Bob Hewitt & Wendy Turnbull.

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Mixed doubles this weekend

On February 13, 2021, the mixed double match between Ellen Perez (AUS) and Andrew Harris (AUS) vs. Asia Muhammad (USA) and Luke Saville (AUS).

Later in the day we will see the highly anticipated match between Ivana Popovic (AUS) & Aleksandar Vukic (AUS) vs. Gabriela Dabrowski (CA) & Mate Pavic (HR). It is important to note that the Dabrowski & Pavis team are big favorites to win not only this match, but the entire mixed doubles division at the Australian Open.

Another live mixed doubles event to watch on TV this weekend is the match between Bethanie Mattek-Sands (US) and Jamie Murray (UK) vs. Duan Yingying (CHN) and Rohan Bopanna (IN). It’s rare for a mixed doubles match to feature two teams with each participant representing a different country, so if anything, check out this match in support solidarity

These games will determine which live games will be scheduled on Sunday, February 14. Since that day is Valentine’s Day, consider snuggling up with your love and see how amazing two different genders can be when they work together!

What do you think of the live Australian Open 2021? Do you have a favorite event or competition style that you prefer to watch? Who is your all-time favorite tennis player? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.

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