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123mkv is a private website notorious for allowing users to download illegal movies. This nefarious online portal is responsible for streaming the latest English, Bollywood. Tamil and Telegu Movies.

Piracy has become an international concern as it affects filmmakers around the world. And also due to the surge in broadcast and entertainment, the threat of pirated content has increased significantly, which in return constantly scares the producers and developers that their content will become illegal.

There are specific ways that the officials have devised to protect the content from piracy. Hence, there is a dramatic change in the pirate movie landscape right now, but fewer people download pirate movies to their computers via torrents and file lockers. This is mainly because there are downsides to downloading such as malware risks, and getting caught generally downloading illegal movies has turned into mediated movies.

In order to provide the general plea regarding such free torrent websites like 123mkv, we have prepared the article to give all the awareness and consequences for visiting illegal websites like 123mkv.

What is 123mkv?

The 123mkv website is an infamous piracy website that offers a wide variety of movies and likes. One of the most infamous websites known to leak movies. These types of websites leak movies without proper copyrights, causing major problems for creators and media professionals.

How does the 123mkv work?

The 123mkv, as described above, follows the illegal process; they get movies in the form of pirated copies from an untrustworthy source, and so they either host the copies themselves or sell them to other users for download, bringing a huge number of visitors to the site due to the variety of movies and videos that are leaked. Which instead paves the way for such websites to generate a large amount of revenue. And these sites are prohibited by law, but they pop up in different domains.

Is 123mkv interfacing safe?

Illegal websites worldwide are banned in some countries for security reasons. As mentioned above, because it is an illegal website, there may be a red flag about the legitimacy of the website. Therefore, it is always risky to download movies from 123mkv, a site known to be illegal; therefore it is best to choose a legal way to watch movies online as you can find many legit sites for free these days.

Can 123mkv leak the user’s information?

Since 123mkv labels as an illegal website, no security measures are taken by the site and hackers can effortlessly hack the user’s operating system. At the same time, malware can sketch your device quickly and confidentially. There is no guarantee for their encryption.

Other Torrent Websites such as 123mkv

Torrenting is not illegal, but downloading unauthorized copyright on content without permission is illegal. However, it is not always immediately possible to determine immediately which content is legal for torrenting and which is covered by the gray area, unknowingly putting you on the wrong side of the law. To give you a brief idea of ​​such illegal sites, we have clustered a list of the same for your awareness.

Legal alternative from 123mkv 2020

There are certain things that a user should keep in mind when using a website to watch movies. One of them is the security of the content uploaded on the website for use by the user. Hence, it is generally safe to use a legal website to keep your running smoothly.

illegal alternatives

Legal alternatives

Amazon Prime Video Disney + Hotstar NetFlix
Voot ZEE5 Sony LIV
MX player ALT Balaji Erose now
HULU HBO now Discovery


The privacy threat, even though there are several steps to curb it, is still active. Every day more devices are being improved to use illegal movies

But according to legal clauses in every country, downloading is a criminal offense. illegal content. Therefore, the article has been prepared only to provide information about the website.


FilmyOne papers do not promote piracy and strictly against pirated websites. This page is only intended to communicate information regarding the serious violation under the Copyright Act of 1957. We have written the article for informational purposes only.

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