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Watch American Gods Season 3, Episode 3 live online

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Shadow Moon searches for Bilquis in American Gods Season 3, Episode 3

It’s time for two storylines to come together American gods Season 3, Episode 3Make sure you don’t miss out on the brand new episode tonight on STARZ.

Now that it’s coming to STARZ, you can already watch it in the STARZ app. The episodes fall at midnight ET, so get your subscription now and get carried away by the previous two episodes and watch the third episode already.

If you watch the channel, you have to wait a little longer. It’s worth the wait, and the details are below.

Those internationally will have to wait until midnight locally on Monday, January 25. Again, it’s an episode worth waiting for.

What to Expect on American Gods Season 3, Episode 3

This episode begins with the mystery created at the end of the previous episode. Alison is missing. She is a young girl and her parents are concerned.

They should be concerned. Chances are, Alison is the same girl we saw sacrificed at the beginning of the episode. It won’t be long for Shadow to get through the bottom of the mystery, but will he either stop the sacrifices or allow them to continue. Does the city even know that sacrifices are being made?

Then he has to look for another god. Bilquis is chasing his dreams and he must come to her. It won’t be that easy when he gets to her and it’s upside down.

While all of that is happening, Wednesday is looking for an old flame. Does that old flame want to be found?

Check out the promo and synopsis for that American gods Season 3, Episode 3:

As the search for the missing girl continues, Shadow dreams of Bilquis; Wednesday discovers the whereabouts of his old love, the Greek goddess Demeter, and decides to free her.

Don’t miss the all new episode of American godsYou can catch up with the STARZ App, but you can also watch live with the following details:

Date: Sunday January 24
Start time: 8 / 7c
Episode: Season 3, Episode 3, “Ashes and Demons”
TV channel: STARZ
Live stream: Current 1 Current 2

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