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Vikas Dubey Web Series : Ready To Roll Out? When Will Hanak Premiere? Release, Cast And Story !!

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Vikas Dubey Web Series

In the world of web series, crime and thriller have been occupied since the beginning. Famous web series like Narcoz have been made on the real-life of gangsters.

In such a situation, a web series named ‘Hanak’ is being created above the recently killed gangster Vikas Dubey, which is to be released later this year.

However, this is not the first time that a web series is being made over an Indian gangster. Earlier, the story of several gangsters including Sriprakash Shukla has been brought into the world of web series.

Actor-filmmaker Manish Vatssalya is all set to direct a web series based on the life of late Kanpur-based gangster Vikas Dubey who was killed allegedly in a police encounter last week.

Web series on Dreaded gangster from Vikas Dubey’s life

Hanak, based on the life of late Kanpur-based gangster Vikas Dubey, who was killed in a police encounter on July 10.

When Can We Expect Vikas Dubey’s Web Series??

“We will take a cue from the facts, which are in the public domain and non-classified police records. Once the details fall into place, the actors who fit the bill will be approached,”

-says Vatssalya who directed the Neil Nitin Mukesh-starrer Dassehra (2018). Filming for Hanak begins in October.

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About Hanak ??

The story of Vikas Dubey, who became notorious across the country due to the massacre of eight police employees, could not come out openly that the Uttar Pradesh Police had him confronted. Along with the death of Vikas Dubey, all the mysteries which were about to reveal the strong connection of underworld and politics in Uttar Pradesh or perhaps all over India. Now a web series is being created by adding Tinka-Tinka to the listened words, which is named ‘Hanak’, this web series will be online soon.

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Who Will Be Playing Vikas Dubey In The Web Series?

Last week, just after Dubey’s death, filmmaker Sandip Kapur had tweeted to suggest that Manoj Bajpayee would “kill it” as the gangster.

“What has happened today in the encounter is beyond cinematic and dramatic experience. @BajpayeeManoj how about playing Vikas Dubey in your next? You’ll kill it! #VikasDubey #Encounter

After this tweet, fans started flooding the social media about this demand, But Manoj Bajpayee politely refused and tweeted it as “wrong news”.

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