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Valentine’s Day: Anushka shares romantic sunset photo – Gulte

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This Valentine’s Day is very special for actress Anushka Sharma and Indian Captain Virat Kohli as it is their first Valentine’s Day after their adorable daughter is born. The new parents shared a romantic photo that seems like no force in the world can separate these two love birds.

Anushka posted an adorable photo of her with Kohli and it has a breathtaking sunset and beach in the background. “Not too big on this day in particular, but today seemed like the perfect day for posting posed sunset photos. My Valentine every day forever and beyond,” Anushka wrote with the photo.

This photo is an old one and was taken back during IPL days when she was accompanying her husband Virat. Anushka wore a white dress with ruffles and Virat wore a black dress, which looked gorgeous as always. Anushka and Virat became proud parents on January 11 and were blessed with a daughter, Vamika.

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