Vadh review: Sanjay Mishra and Neena Gupta film looks like by-product of Drishyam

Last updated: 09 Dec 2022 11:43 IST

When I decided to watch ‘Vadh’, based solely on the appearance of the characters, I considered it a story about an old couple trying to make a living. But believe me, the movie has nothing to do with it. It is beyond your imagination and expectation.

Vadh, starring Sanjay Mishra and Neena Gupta, is directed by Jaspal Singh Sandhu and Rajeev Barnwal. It is a story about a married couple, schoolmaster Manjunath and his wife Manju, who sent their son to America only to find out that he does not care about them. Therefore, they have no choice but to try to earn a living. However, there is a twist. They soon become part of a murder mystery. How? You have to look at it to know.

What works wonders for Vadh is the gripping storyline. The film keeps the audience captivated and doesn’t let them blink for a second. It’s calm, but within that calm lie the biggest twists. The plot of the movie doesn’t let you predict what will happen next. The moment you try to imagine, “Oh! this could happen next,” it just proves you wrong. So give a pat on the back to the writers!

However, the overall plot of the film will definitely remind you of Ajay Devgn and Tabu starrer Drishyam, but the Malayalam film remake only got better with the sequel. Like Drishyam, the police in Vadh are aware of the person who committed a murder, but lack evidence against him. Not only this, but the killer in Vadh also takes all possible measures to conceal the crime to protect his family – another similarity to Drishyam. Third, the killer in Sanjay Mishra’s starrer, like Drishyam, also has a moral justification for his crime. Therefore, Vadh may seem like a by-product of Drishyam.

Sanjay Mishra is a star in Vadh. With this film he has proven that he can single-handedly carry a script on his shoulder, and that too with utmost perfection. He plays his role with ease and makes you believe in his character. The film is a must-watch for fans of Sanjay Mishra. Neena Gupta should have been given more screen time. She only acts as a supporting character and is presented as someone who is weak of heart and lacking courage. Perhaps the makers should have done the opposite: presented Manju as bold and fearless, while her husband was questionable. Sounds like an interesting plot?

The film is brutal and bloody. Not only is someone killed with a screwdriver, but also chopped into pieces and then burned. This may leave a certain section of the audience somewhat disturbed.

Finally, the title of the film ‘Vadh’ is not entirely justified. There is something noble, purer about the word ‘Vadh’. The scene where Sanjay’s character justifies ‘Vadh’ doesn’t look satisfying. For example, ‘Nayay’ (justice) looks so much more perfect for the film than ‘Vadh’.

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