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Before the MCU held Hollywood in its grip forever (although we pray, there is a breaking point), Under the spell of the Ring trilogy was the franchise to watch in the early 2000s.

In fact, LOTR became the rough blueprint for the way movies work in Hollywood today. First a book, story or comic is chosen, then it is adapted into one movie, then another, then another, then a prequel, then two more, then a reboot and then the episodes never stop until the money stops coming in .

Yes, folks, we are living in a renaissance of artistic integrity in 2021. However, ever since Under the spell of the Ring Movies came before franchise was necessary, we like to think they have more heart than any Marvel shlock hits theaters this month. Never seen you Under the spell of the Ring movies? Or have you seen them a million times and now is it time for an old-fashioned comfort rewatch? Either way, we’ll make sure you’re covered. See where you can view all of the original Lord of the Rings movies today.

The Fellowship of the Ring

2001 saw the first episode of Under the spell of the Ring movies hit theaters and started the mind of Tolkien freaks & LOTR noobs right.

The film not only laid the groundwork for the franchise’s arrival and introduced fans to the story of the one ring to rule them all, but also let the audience know what the Lord of the Rings movies would become some of the greatest epics of the 2000s, if only from the prologue.

Some think the former LOTR is too boring, while others enjoy the rich backstory for the epic battles that come in the next two episodes. If you have a Community fan, it’s time to grab one of your friends’ HBO Max passwords; The Fellowship of the Ring is now available to stream on HBO Max along with the Extended Edition.

The two towers

By the time the second episode of Under the spell of the Ring movies came around, LOTR became a fully-fledged phenomenon and fans around the world were eager to get a closer look at what Gollum looked like.

Fortunately for fans, director Peter Jackson gave people what they wanted with Gollum, along with the most battle-tough LOTR the public had seen it.

Watch and Download Movies Online

The two towers flaunted the rich detail of costumes, sets and miniatures of the people behind Lord of the Rings movies, along with intricate battle scenes that showcase the incredible makeup of the Orcs fighting the good guys for control of Middle-Earth.

Are you a die-hard for the non-stop action of the second episode? Under the spell of the Ring trilogy? If you have the time in the LOTR trilogy if meat is back on the menu, you’re in luck; you can buy The two towers on Vudu and iTunes. However, if you have an HBO Max subscription, you can get both the theatrical and extended versions of The two towers free now.

The return of the king

Finally, many consider the latest episode of Under the spell of the Ring movies as the most complete, with a seemingly equal portrayal of wafty emo fraternity and gritty, dense combat. The film earned a Best Picture Oscar in 2004, although many saw the award as recognition of the tremendous endeavor that all three films required.

To Return of the king fans, nothing beats LOTR 3. Return presents Gollum’s origin story, the return of Frodo & Sam to the Shire (but to the annoyance of book lovers, without the sanding), and about four different endings before the film’s credits finally roll.

If you want to watch Return, (you guessed it), get your hands on an HBO Max password to watch both the theatrical and extended editions. Otherwise, you will have to pick up the movie for $ 3.99 from Vudu or YouTube. If you desperately want to scratch that LOTR itchy, but the four dollars will be well worth it.

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