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Uppena passes Monday test: collects 4 Cr +

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Watch and Download Movies Online

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Monday is a litmus test for any movie, and it’s especially a pivotal day for small to medium range movies.

In fact, a movie’s fate is determined based on how it performs on the first Monday.

It appears that Uppena has surpassed the Monday test as the film which is exceptional in all centers, surprisingly in massive territories, has amassed Rs 4 Cr + share on the day in the states of Telugu.

This is a phenomenal achievement for a first timer.

The film starring Vaishnav Tej and directed by Buchi Babu Sana is already the biggest hit for a debut hero.

Judging by the way the movie is performing, 50 Cr share is a pie walk for Uppena.

Watch and Download Movies Online

Mythri Movie Makers is delighted with the response and is aggressively promoting the film.

Uppena’s success event will be held in Rajahmundry tomorrow with Ram Charan as the lead guest.

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