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Uppena Movie Collections – Uppena Total Worldwide collections

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The 2021 film Uppena highlights the early 2000s romance between a fisherman and a zamindar’s daughter. Considering that the movie is essentially a love story, it doesn’t exactly follow the lead of classics. Viewers are in love with the movie because it contains a completely unconventional love story.

The protagonist Aasi, played by debutant Panja Vaisshab Tej, is a hopelessly romantic person who is head over heels in love with Bebamma played by Krithi Shetty. Aasi also shows his desire that his story is not told like people like Laila-Majnu, Devadas-Paro and Rome-Juliet.

Since its release on February 12, 2021, Uppena has amassed a huge amount of cash in terms of cash register. The details of the box office of the film will be announced on the 4th weekend. On the 24th day, the film collected the following:

  • Nizam: 7 Lakhs
  • West: 1.6L Lakhs
  • Guntur: 2.1 Lakhs
  • Ceeded: 3 Lakhs
  • Nellore: 1 Lakhs
  • UA: 4 Lakhs
  • Krishna: 2.3 Lakhs
  • East: 3 Lakhs

Total gross about AP-TG: Rs. 0.24 Crores or Rs. 0.40 Crores

The overall global collection from Upenna on the 24th day:

  • Nizam: 15.38 Crores
  • West: 2.60 Crores
  • Guntur: 2.94 Crores
  • Ceeded: 7.64 Crores
  • Nellore: 1.73 Crores
  • UA: 8.46 Crores
  • Krishna: 3.12 Crores
  • East: 5.01 Crores

Total gross AP-TG: Rs. 46.91 Crores or Rs. 76.90 Crores

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KA + ROI: Rs 2.35 Crores (approx)

OS- 1.38 Crores (approx)

Total gross collection: Rs. 50.64 Crores or 82.50 Crores

There are other sources suggesting that the movie has already exceeded Rs. 100 Crores (approximately) in the last 24 days. Furthermore, this also suggests that the film is already a blockbuster hit. It seems like the movie fraternity is already suggesting the Uppena is a triple blockbuster hit. – Exclusive Entertainment Site

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