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Unlinked: Release date on Netflix, cast and crew, premise

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Among the compelling Netflix releases to be made in 2021 this year, Decoupled has been able to grab everyone’s attention. If you talk about class with a light-hearted exploration of a relationship, believe it or not, it’s just the perfect treat for you. Starring R. Madhavan, it’s considered quite pleasantly unpredictable.

Starting point and release:

The show is based on a prosperous newly married Gurgaon couple, with the husband being a monograph writer who writes to meet his needs and is not as successful as his wife and quite intimidated by her personality. He openly claims in a party how he is completely isolated from his wife physically and mentally.

His wife, on the other hand, played by Chawla, is a business tycoon and a smart, intelligent boy. She is aware that things between her and Madhavan are on the decline. However, they both stick together, and at least for the sake of their 8-year-old child. The story reveals the enchanting moments in their falling marriage, how they want to resolve things between them.

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Despite there being differences, there is no toxic level pair drama in it. Still, the show explores how this new-age couple manages to balance their professional and personal lives while trying to make the most of it. The duo doesn’t disappoint, and the show is full of lighthearted humor and goody-goody vibes.

With a plot as such, it was more than clear that it is an urban refined cup of tea. Waiting already makes them restless. From the list generated by Netflix, Decoupled is arguably the most anticipated release of 2021.

Actors and crew:

This has excited the fans; they can’t wait to see R. Madhavan and Surveen Chawla and other actors on screen in this upcoming romantic drama; the creators have also mitigated their restlessness by stating that it will be out soon. The show is directed by Hardik Mehta and will be produced under the banners of Bombay Fables and Andolan Films.

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