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Unexpected Business Episode 4: Release Date, Watch Online & Spoilers

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Unexpected Business Episode 4: Release Date, Watch Online & Spoilers
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Unexpected Business is a South Korean drama currently going on. The drama is broadcast on TVN. The director of the series is Yoo Ho-Jin. The drama is a kind of reality show in which the two-man travels from the city to the countryside to experience a new business life. The show hosts several actors and asks them to work in the shop as part-timers.

It’s a reality drama that shows a completely different experience of running a business. The series will premiere on February 25, 2021. The drama is underway on TVN as it releases new episodes every Thursday. If you want to binge-watch the drama, you can also watch this online.

The appreciation of the ongoing drama is worth seeing. The appreciation is quite nice. The concept is different and still gets a lot of attention from the viewer, which is very different. People like the drama that can be easily guessed from the review. The drama comes with a total of 10 episodes.

The episode comes out every Tuesday. Each episode lasts 1 hour and 25 minutes. the genre of the series is a total business in between there are some comedic parts, it is business comedy. The drama is also identified as Boss by Chance, Sometimes President, Sometimes President, Sometimes Boss, Oddly President, and Eojjeoda Sajang. The drama will go off the air on April 29, 2021.

Unexpected Business Episode 4: Release Date, Watch Online & Spoilers

Star cast of Unexpected Business

The show Unexpected Business has Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung as lead hosts. They will lead the show and all food preparation is managed by them as well. They also visit the guests at the show and let them learn to work as a part-timer in the store. They are both funny and interactive, which makes customers happy and satisfied. Everyone who comes will receive the best service.

The other big roles are the guests who are on the show as part-timers. Guestlist for the show includes Park Bo Young (Episode 2-3), Yoon Gyung Ho (Episode 3-4), Kim Jae Hwa (Episode 3-4), Park Kyung Hye (Episode 4), Nam Joo Hyuk (Ep 4), Park Byung Eun (Ep 4), Yoon Shi Yoon, Jo Bo Ah and Shin Seung Hwan.

The customers are the local people who mainly visit the cafe and have food or buy the basic necessities they need. This is a real business show with no audience fragmentation, not a paid audience. The guest will also act as a part-time employee in the store.

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Synopsis of Unexpected Matters

The Unexpected Business series is a totally business oriented drama. It’s kind of a reality show where two hosts will team up with some actors and actresses and make them part of their running affairs. It is a fresh concept where you can see how people are actually working and running a company. The show features Cha Tae Hyun and Jo In Sung who are the show’s hosts. They transform into the boss of a supermarket.

They both act as owners, also working to provide food to the customers. The man has both spent their entire lives mainly in the city. Neither of them have the idea of ​​running a business in the countryside. Both are also experiencing things for the first time in the countryside. They get along well in the neighborhood and will also see all the ups and downs their business is going through. The supermarket is busy most of the time, but we are also often empty. Rush hour is usually in the afternoon and at night.

The supermarket is located in the beautiful landscape, so that viewers get a great experience of scenery and beauty. The host will enjoy their work with nature. The show introduces the unexpected guest who will be working as a part-timer in the department store and has to see how it goes and usually take care of the shop. The concept is interesting, the projection and direction are generally beautiful, this is an exciting show to watch and see the guest struggles on the show.

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Unexpected Business Episode 4 Preview

Unexpected release date of Business Episode 4

The drama Unexpected business is kind of a real business show. The drama is a kind of corporate show where there are two hosts who run the show and also attend the guest and let them learn about the business. Unexpected Business Episode 4 will be released on the hit TV network TVN on March 18, 2021.

Unexpected business episode 3 summary

Episode 3’s little glimpse revolves around the part-timer and famed actress Park Bo-Young. She takes care of the store for the day. Some regular customers come to the store. Initially, a group of 4 people enters the store to order some ramen. They spend time together and then the other group also enters the supermarket. They are the group of the teacher who is in love with the owner because they heard that the owner looks good. Everyone sees what to order ramen. The other customer enters the supermarket, they are the old couple who are going to spend some time in the store. The owner serves the couple the soju and seaweed soup.

The grandmother takes some biscuits that are easy to chew because they do not have strong teeth. The old group of people enjoy meeting each other and have a great time there. The old woman pays for the food and the soju because she doesn’t want the owner to end up deeply. the group of old people also decide to meet for a beer the next day. Bo-Young enjoys her part-time job because she can do her chores and understand the business. She is invited to lunch with some pizza and the Pollock Roe Egg roll.

After this, it appears that the owner of the supermarket In Sung visits the hospital where one of his customers works. He finds the hospital 70 steps from the workplace.

He sees the hospital at work and has finished the acupuncture process for back pain. The other customer is a woman with a shy child. He’s a daycare kid who comes to hang out with his daycare partner teacher.

Before that, Bo-Young stalks everything in the store and tidies up the dishes. She enjoys her working period in the supermarket. She is also familiar with the prices of the material. The night goes hastily and the day ends with Bo-Young. The other morning, the other set of actors arrive to work at the supermarket. The actor and actresses are Yoon Gyung Ho and Kim Jae Hwa. At first they also have problems working and seeing the hustle and bustle. Also, the host leaves the supermarket upside down while on their way to a new place for a business. They both have to handle the grocery store.

At first, it is difficult for them to understand the price tag and deal with the masses. Finding goods is also a difficult task in the beginning. The whole experience is present in the episode how they struggle and how they work together to tackle the customers. Episode 3 ends with the customer needing a belt and gets 3 lines.

Finding the belt is quite tricky because Gyung Ho gets confused and while the man asks for a drink, he gets even more confused. He lets go of the tangle of the belt and goes to get the dink for the old man. Overall, the episode has a funny interaction and customer satisfaction can be seen in everyone’s face.

Unexpected Business Episode 4 Preview

In the episode, the struggle to deal with the supermarket alone will be a scene to see and how Yoon Gyung Ho and Kim Jae Hwa will take care of the store in the absence of the owner will be portrayed. The episode has its own jokes and up and down. Episode 4 gets interesting to see they struggle to reach the goals during peak times when the supermarket is full. Another guest who will introduce it this episode is Park Kyung Hye. She helps the group when there is a rush at the supermarket. – Exclusive Entertainment Site

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