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TVF Aspirants Episode 2: Release Date and Where to Watch It Revealed Online

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Watch and Download Movies Online

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The Viral Fever or TVF is an OTT streaming service and the YouTube channel has reached out to the young people who barely watched Indian TV shows. TVF has the honor of producing a no. of notable performances, including Kota Factory and Flames. Now TVF has come up with another fascinating series called Aspirants.

The trailer for the series was released on April 6, which was viewed 2.9 million times and greatly appreciated. A day later, on April 7, the first episode of the series came out, and now fans are eagerly awaiting the second episode. So here are all the details regarding the 2nd episode.

Aspirants Episode 2: release date

While a date has not been officially announced, but given the past trend of a weekly gap between consecutive episodes on TVF’s shows, the highly anticipated second episode was expected to be released on April 14, 2021.

Where can you watch Aspirants episode 2?

Aspirants Episode 2 can be streamed online at the official TVF and Youtube Channel website. You can also add free streaming to the TVF play app for 1.83 euros per month. The app can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store, Android TV and Fire TV.

TVF Aspirants Episode 2

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The cast of Aspirants:

The cast of Aspirants includes Naveen Kasturia as Abhilash, Shivankit Singh Parihar as Guri, Abhilash Thapliyal as SK, Sunny Hinduja as Sandeep and Namita Dubey.

Aspirants: plot

The story centers on a UPSC aspirant named Abhilash and his two other friends and their journey as they prepare for the UPSC. In the first episode, we saw switching between the past and the present to introduce the characters and bring depth to them and the story. No wonder the first episode is already trending on YouTube with 6.2 million views.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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