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Trying to watch all the new Marvel movies? Here’s where you can stream them –

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With the release of their Disney + shows and announcements for the remainder of Phase 4, Marvel continues to build on their interconnected universe that began so long ago with a small band of heroes.

It seems only yesterday Ant man fell and blew us away with his little story and big heart, or the release of Doctor Strange was announced, with Sherlock himself as the Sorcerer Supreme. We were all excited to see the world beyond Avengers Tower and Marvel certainly delivered.

It looks like Marvel is all set to keep delivering, but unfortunately we have to wait for these new installments to their ever-sprawling saga. But if you want to wander through your memory, we scoured the internet for where to stream the new Marvel movies before Phase 4 starts rolling. Grab your spandex and dive in where you can stream all the new Marvel movies right now.

Disney +

This seems like an obvious answer, we know. With the release of their new streaming service, Disney made sure they had their questions covered with all of their classics and their best-billed franchises, including the MCU (while also removing them from other services like Netflix. Yes, we are still bitter).

The streaming service has every movie from the MCU, from their new Marvel movies like Antman and the Wasp to the older classics such as the first Avengers or the one who started it all Iron Man. This guarantees a movie night fun and action-packed for everyone involved. You can also check out their new shows with WandaVision all ready to make a movie night extra magical (see what we did there?)

The cool thing is, Disney + subscription fees don’t break the bank (unlike other services). The service is only $ 8 / month, so your wallet can also enjoy the night watching the latest parts of the MCU to prepare for their new releases.

Amazon Prime

If you don’t want to add another subscription to your bill because of America’s @ss (even though it’s quite a nice @ss), no problem! Amazon Prime also has many of the new Marvel movies that you will want to watch again.

Amazon has a few of the newer releases, such as Captain Marvel and Spiderman: Far From Home, but you must rent or buy them separately. That might be a short movie night for you, but you can be guaranteed to watch the movie without the threat of viruses that some sites can cause.

Watch and Download Movies Online

Amazon also has a wide selection of other franchises so if you need more Chirs Evans in your life (we know we do) you have options.


The wonderful world of YouTube has it all if you know where to look, including the new Marvel movies.

Officially YouTube does have the films in their entirety, but officially you have to rent or buy them separately. However, because YouTube is so big, you can come across any of the movies for free, saving you on rental costs (shhhh, you ain’t heard from us).

With that being said, the quality may not be the best if you choose to go on a bootleg yacht. However, it is a free option for those who want to leave their memory without paying the heavy toll.

Excited about the new Marvel movies or do you know where we can stream even more classics? Drop it in the comments below to keep our super movie nights going!

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