Top films based on social media to watch right now

In the two decades that social media has been around many networks have come and gone – does anyone remember the days when MySpace was king of the social scene? At one point there were lots of social media sites, but most have fallen by the wayside since, leaving the two giants Facebook and Twitter. Given that it is now such a big part of our lives it is no surprise that cinema has started exploring social media, with these being three examples.

The Social Network (2010)

This has to be the most famous film about social media and it is also among the best. Directed by one of the top men behind the camera in modern Hollywood – David Fincher – it tells the mostly true tale of how Mark Zuckerberg came up with the idea for Facebook while he was a student at Harvard University and developed it into the leading social media site. The geeky but gifted visionary Zuckerberg is played with real skill by Jesse Eisenberg and the results were so impressive that the movie scored eight Oscar nominations and three wins – even if ‘Zuck’ himself hated it!


Ingrid Goes West (2017)


This dark dramedy stars Aubrey Plaza as the title character, who becomes obsessed with the glamorous life of an ‘influencer’ that she follows on the social media site Instagram. At first, Taylor Sloan – who is portrayed by Elizabeth Olsen – is happy to follow Ingrid back and communicate with her on the network as she appears to be perfectly normal. It is only when Ingrid moves to where she lives just to be close to her that she realises she is dealing with a dangerous stalker. Showing the addictiveness of social media and the way it can distort reality makes this another of the best movies about the subject.


The Circle (2017)


2017 also brought us another dark slice of social media-inspired movie madness, in the form of The Circle. This film is about a social media company called The Circle and the lead character Mae Holland is played by Harry Potter star Emma Watson. Mae achieves fame by live-streaming her life on social site The Circle, but does not realise the effects that this will have on her life or that the network wants total control over the lives of its users by getting access to their personal data! It is another movie that suggests social media might be leading us towards a dystopian future, but with all the stories of data manipulation we are hearing about from these sites, it might turn out to one of the most accurate social media films of all.


These are just three of the movies about social media, as it has exploded into the consciousness of producers and directors in Hollywood since The Social Network. As sites like Twitter become more powerful and an ever bigger part of our lives, it seems likely that there will be more in the future!

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