Top 5: Uppena ‘Tsunami’ at the box office!

Top 5: Uppena 'Tsunami' at the box office!

1: Uppena: Butchi Babu Sana’s debut film, starring Vaishnav Tej and Kriti Shetty, has exceeded expectations regarding the collections at the box office.

Thanks to the super hit “Nee kallu neeli samudram” that shook the charts for almost a year. The movie has also received enough attention due to the celeb marketing.

Despite mixed reactions on the content, the film made Rs 25 Cr share by its first weekend and is still running full houses.

The overseas market also breathes a sigh of relief with this film that breaks the hibernation scenario.

2: Zombie Reddy: The maverick director Prashant Varma conceived this film and introduced the concept of zombies to the Telugu screen.

Coupled with the Coronavirus vaccine, the film was made in a mix of horror mixed with subtle humor. Still manages to be in second position as no other new film is available in the market.

30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela: This movie could only attract attention because of the song “Neeli Neeli akasam”. Otherwise, it would have become difficult to let people know that a movie of this kind exists.

Due to the song factor, the movie was able to see good openings, but was eventually dropped out due to the content factor.

4. Krack: The first big hit of 2021 of this Ravi Teja-Shruthi Hasan has hit the OTT platform. Yet some screens make collections from the admirers of this movie.

Some young customers watch this movie on the screen to enjoy the theatrical experience, despite being able to reach the movie with a click away on the OTT platform.

5. FCUK: This is the least published movie of the season. Not many people know about this release and the title is another disappointment to reach out to the biggest audience.

The movie couldn’t pull any gaps and on the same day it was declared a dud. Almost all screens are blank on the release day itself.

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