Top 5 Underrated Movies About Love

The modern movie industry can impress anyone with its diversity of topics that movies cover. It is unlikely that any modern person can immediately recall the number of films that he or she watched. Good movies allow their viewers to dive into different worlds of tales and fiction, past and future.  Some movies share stories about famous people, while other movies tell us about small facts about this world. Thus, while watching movies, we not only cry, have fun, or fear something, but also learn new things. Often, we watch movies with parents, relatives, and friends. Cinemas have long become classic dating places all around the world, and you can find one almost in every list of top 10 offline places to meet girls. 

Quite often, when choosing a movie to watch, people pay attention to reviews and ratings. Unfortunately, those ratings are not perfect, and some companies often buy reviews. Because of those facts, often real masterpieces become very underrated, since no one actually knows about them, due to problems with advertisement campaigns. Plus, we all have different tastes and views on how some certain movie genres should look like. So, you can miss real masterpieces that were underestimated by other people.  

Everyone, at some point, has a desire to watch some romantic love story. This desire to feel the magic and emotions of those happy and often very simple love stories yourself may appear in everyone, both men and women. Therefore, we want to share with you our Top 5 underrated love films. 

1. Noah (2014)  

This Hollywood movie hasn’t become widely known and popular. Many people were not happy about the fact that this movie took aside realism. Plus, some religious communities felt offended because of the way how this movie pictures Noah. The main plot of this movie tells us the story that took place before and during the Flood myth. A man begins to build an ark in an attempt to save all representatives of living beings on the planet. He decided to build this ark because of visions of the coming divine punishment. The plot simultaneously shows the viewer the relationship between two loving people and pictures the importance of emotional support and trust in relationships. 

2. Hot Summer Nights (2017) 

This movie was made for adolescents and told us a teenage love drama. Many people criticized this movie for a vast number of various clichés. After all, the main character falls in love with a girl whose older brother is against their relationship. But, generally, this is a very nice and strong movie about people who only learn to love others.

3. LiveItself (2018) 

The film tells us an unusual story of a decades-long romantic relationship. In this movie, you will see the doubts of the main characters when it comes to his feelings, and what those doubts may lead to. We guarantee that you will have an endless stream of emotions, where limitless sadness gets replaced by a pleasant joy and vice versa. “Life itself” raises many philosophical thoughts that are manifested even in the smallest details.

4. The Darkest Minds (2018)

The film is another teen movie. Even though today people like movies about the mysterious super-powers and everything, this movie has never hit the top. Among other things, the film shows the struggle of the characters in their fight for their rights. It covers issues of power, friendship, and love.

5. LondonFields (2018)

The film did not receive a proper rating among the audience since many noted its enormous difference with the book. However, the question of which is more interesting remains open. Therefore, we recommend this movie for viewing. The main charter of this movie is a very beautiful lady with supernatural abilities. She often played with feelings of men liking her. But now, she finds herself in a very difficult position because of the dangerous game she is playing. 

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