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Top 5 Seasons of American Horror Stories

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Top 5 Seasons of American Horror Stories
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American Horror Stories is a TV series that originally started in 2011 when episode one of Murder House was released. Since then, it has become very popular and provides entertainment for many viewers.

Top 5 Seasons of American Horror Stories
American Horror Story: Coven Poster


Coven, season two of American Horror Stories, was a good display of emotion and plot twists. This season had many things in store for the viewer and revealed things about the characters along the way. Some scenes were gruesome and scary, while others were emotional. This season generally gave a perfect mix of emotions. The actors portrayed their characters well and the characters were all given extended personalities and backstories. Overall, Coven has to be ranked as the best season of the show.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Poster


Apocalypse, season eight of American horror stories, brought fans a combination of fans’ favorite seasons. Apocalypse combined Coven and Murder House. Although the creators based Apocalypse on an evolution from previous seasons, the storyline was still original and well thought out. This season holds many secrets and the viewer discovers all the gory details as they look further along. Overall, the season was a spectacular combination of previous seasons and gives the viewer original content.

American Horror Story: Roanoke Poster


Roanoke, season six of American Horror Stories, was a brutal addition to the AHS collection. This season gives viewers blood, mystery and shock. This adds an exciting and exciting aspect to the season. From ‘based on a true story’ to experiencing that true story, this season will keep the viewer on the edge of their seat. Roanoke keeps viewers guessing and guessing. This season conveys a sense of originality, keeping viewers even more intrigued by the season. This sense of originality gives the viewer a better experience and gives the season a higher overall ranking.

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American Horror Story: Murder House Poster

Murder House

Murder House, season one of American Horror Stories, started with the hit series that holds nothing back. The creators didn’t hesitate to use violence and gore. Of all the seasons, Murder House could possibly be the bloodiest season. While the season leaves viewers with some confusion, everything is revealed in the finale. This season gives the viewer sadness, anger, confusion and loss. Just when everything comes to rest, the viewer still experiences a sense of loss, but gets closure. This alone gives the season an overall higher ranking.

American Horror Story: 1984 Poster


1984, season nine of American Horror Stories, coined the phrase “bet you didn’t see that coming”. This season gives the viewer plot twist after plot twist. This gives the season originality and tension. The mood for this season keeps the viewer invested in what will happen next. 1984 gives the perfect aspect of a thriller. It’s gruesome, exciting and heartbreaking. The overall plot of the season is intriguing to viewers and keeps people interested. These aspects ensure that this season scores higher.

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