Top 10 Turkish Web Series in 2021 You Should Watch Now

Top 10 Turkish web series: Turkish web series are one of the quite popular web series around the world. Viewership has now been reached in 75 countries, making Turkey’s exports one of the fastest growing sectors.

Turkish series have found a channel for themselves that can broadcast their content mainly in the Arab countries, South America and beyond. So let us know in detail what are the top 10 Turkish web series.

Top 10 Turkish Web Series 2021 You Should Watch Right Now

Top 10 Turkish Web Series in 2021 You Should Watch Now
Top 10 Turkish web series 2021

1) Wonderful century

This is one of the most famous series, it has reached more than 350 million viewers and it has been sold to more than 70 countries around the world. It is also the award of harmony in Germany as the show portrays the contribution for peace.

2) Ask I memnu

Ask I Memnu is based on the novel of the same name. This is a classified romantic drama series. It was released as early as 2008 and was also awarded as the best drama series in the world in 2009. This web series has seen a large audience and brought in many high winnings. The series has been dubbed in more than 12 languages.

3) Kiralik Ask

Kiralik Ask aired in 2015 and is considered one of the most popular web series on the Arab scene even today. This is a romantic series, there is also a lot of humor in this one. Because of the humor and beautiful storyline, this web series is considered one of the best.

4) Donkey

Ezel is one of the best Turkish works. The lead role of Kenan Imirzalioglu has gained great fame with this series. This web series is taken from the famous novel Count De Monte Cristo. This web series has a total of 72 episodes and is also one of the top rated web series on IMDB.

5) Valley of the Wolves

Kurtlar Vadisi was broadcast in 2003 and has caught the attention of many politicians and viewers for the beautiful performances of the actors. This series is divided into 10 parts and also four films.

6) Vatanim Sensin

The first episode of this historical drama series aired in 2016. This web series is considered one of the best historical drama series which has been widely followed by Turkish and Arab audiences.

7) Released Erugrul

Diril Erugrul is one of the most famous web series of all time. This is a historical drama series centered around the story of Ertugryl, the leader of Kayi, Osman’s father. The series takes place in the 13th Century and the first episode aired in 2014 and consists of five seasons with 179 episodes. Now everyone is waiting for the coming season of this beautiful season.

8) You Tell Black Sea

This is one of the best series and has been viewed half a million times within two weeks of broadcast. This series centers on the girl named Nefes who is married to an early man named Vedat and her life turns into hell. There are many events that tell the story of injustice and pain that no one has ever seen. Nobody even knows how it will turn out.

9) Famagul a Sucu Ne?

This series has received quite a bit of recognition and has been viewed over 20 million times since its release. The series has been sold to more than 30 countries and is quite popular as well.

10) Black Love

Last but not least, Kara Sevda is one of the most important Turkish web series. This series is a romantic drama about a family. This web series itself has attracted many viewers since the first episode. It consists of two seasons and aired in 2015.

So, these are the top 10 Turkish web series and their details. They are all unique and different in their approach and the audience loves these shows. When we get information about this web series. Then we will certainly update as soon as possible.

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