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A kiss is one of the best feelings in the world and those people who have already kissed their love for life are nothing but the happiest person in this world. It is an emotion that connects two people, not only physically but also mentally. Kissing is not only for couples but it is also a method of having fun and if done perfectly you can make the other person addicted to it. People normally kiss to show their love for each other, but they know little about it. There are different types of pillow and each has a different place in the chart.

We know you’re not a professional kisser and don’t know much about these kisses, that’s why you’re here! There are thousands of articles and videos that will teach you a perfect kiss, but we won’t do it here. Instead, we’ll discuss some kisses you can do with your partner. Kissing day has already arrived and we know you’re willing to kiss your partner badly, but before you make a move, read this article. Read the next section carefully and know about each type of kiss.

kiss on the cheek

kiss on the cheeks

Start our list with the cutest kiss I think you’ll definitely agree. A kiss that everyone has had at some point in their life, whether from their childhood partner, grandparents or from their parents. A sweet kiss on your partner’s cheek can make him or her happy. If you are currently in a new relationship, this should be your kissing day. Start your relationship smoothly and just kiss on the cheeks. Your partner will surely love it.

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Kiss on the forehead

kiss on the forehead

Another kiss that holds a special place in couples’ hearts is kisses on the forehead. If you ever had this kiss you could get what I’m trying to say. Kissing on the forehead shows the love and care for the other person and if your partner kisses on your forehead, it means that they are tense around you and want to take care of you forever. These kisses are super cute and once you get them, you are sure to get butterflies on your stomach.

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Kiss on the hand

The noble kiss that lasts for many years. This kiss is also a way of greeting and handshake in many parts of the country. The kiss of the hand shows many emotions that many of you are not familiar with. Someone kissing your hand means they respect you, care about you, are polite and of course admire you. If your husband kisses your hand, it means he is respectful by nature and takes care of you.

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french kiss

couple kiss image

The next kiss on our list is a French kiss. The most sensual and romantic kiss that will make your partner kiss you even more. The French kiss shows that your partner is madly in love with you and that they want to be with you forever. In the French kiss, both partners come forward and kiss each other by bringing the lips together and playing the tongue. This kiss is the most popular among the couples. But don’t rush while kissing your partner, as that will ruin the kiss. Like I said, French kissing is sensual and you have to master it by kissing slowly.

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Kiss on lip

kiss on the cheek

If you’re a K drama fan, you probably would have seen a lot of kissing scenes on it. They are super cute and you definitely get the happy feelings when you see the actors kissing. I personally like K drama and their romantic scene is the only reason. This kiss is inspired by the K dramas. In kisses like this, you would get close to your partner and kiss them each on their lips. Would call the kiss a lip-on-lip kiss, but it’s a bit like a kiss on a kiss. Isn’t this cute?

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Butterfly kiss

This type of kiss is normally unknown to many couples. I know many of you didn’t even know it. In this kiss, a person flutters his/her eyelashes in the eyelashes of others or their skin. Sounds weird? But it’s not this new way of kissing, no lips, just eyelashes. If you are someone who likes to try different things, try Butterfly kiss on this kissing day and I am sure your partner will be sure to get butterflies on his stomach too.

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chin kiss

Gently hold your partner’s chin with your fingers and kiss them on the cheeks. Hold his / her chin and turn it slightly to the right and let them enjoy this kiss.

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Back hug kiss

back hug kiss

Hugging someone is another way to show your love for them. A firm hug shows a lot of emotions, but we know it’s helpful in reducing the pain in the heart. If you are far away from your partner and decide to meet them on this Kiss day, hold them tight around their waist and kiss their kiss gently. This is the romantic way to tell them that they are special to you and that you will never leave them. Hugging the person you love most is a great way to express your admiration for them.

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Eskimo kiss

eskimo kiss

Curious what this is? This is a kind of kiss that is new but loved by couples. If you want to try this kiss, all you have to do is rub your nose gently on your partner’s nose and kiss their lips in between. Your partner will surely laugh at this, but trust me, it’s the fun way to love someone without a lot of intimacy.

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Blow kiss

The most used kiss in the world is here. The air kiss that involves kissing through the air. All you have to do is just blow a kiss. There are many songs and movies that use it as an act of romance, but some couples like it too. While many think to go for a more sensitive kind of kiss, this one is still preferable among people.

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There are several types of pillow that are popular, but we’ve only mentioned the popular ones here. On this kissing day, show your love to your partner by kissing him and promise something that you definitely meant. Kissing the person you love will forever be the happiest feeling because it makes you feel like they are only yours. While kissing, don’t forget to tell them how much you love them and how much you are willing to spend the rest of your life with them.

Plus, if you’re just trying to make fun of them, say this right to their face because the other person may have caught the feelings while you’re not.

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