Top 10 New Indian Movies to watch right now

Are you tired of reading books or watching world-famous movies and want to diversify your evening? Then you can try spinning slot machines in the top online casino or turn on a movie that is not so popular but also engaging. These new Indian releases will surely amaze you.


It’s a film about a girl who survived being doused with acid. This is a biographical story based on the life of Laxmi Agarwal. A girl was doused with acid by a rejectionist when she was 15. She underwent many surgeries. But she didn’t give up, getting a 7-year sentence for her abuser and dedicating her life to helping victims of jealousy like her. Laxmi found love and built a family.

Khaali Peeli

A movie was filmed in the traditions of Indian cinema. It is the story of lovers who were separated, but fate at a new turn of life brings them together again. A cab driver once meets his former lover when she is in danger. Love, bandits, police, and a chase – all this awaits the viewer in the new romantic action film.

The Big Bull

The film is based on the true story of Harshad Mehta. He committed 27 crimes but was convicted only in four. The man is credited with the most high-profile robberies of Bollywood stars. This thrilling crime drama will never leave viewers indifferent.

Street Dance 3D

It’s a movie for lovers of Indian music, dancing in all incendiary variations. Viewers can listen to old tunes in a modern soundtrack, combined with dance art. A youth film about the life of street dancers for whom music and movement are the main ways to express feelings, emotions, and experiences.

Ghost Stories

It’s an Indian anthology of four horror stories. The characters in these stories are a policeman whose underlings face moral difficulties; a loving wife who must mimic the handwriting of her husband, a serial killer, to be found not guilty; a small-town girl who accuses her best college student of rape; two boys from poor families who discover the world of ballet as a chance to escape from hard reality.


These are the fascinating adventures of the comedy characters as they prepare for their wedding. Sometimes everything does not go according to plan, and the movie shows that. According to Indian tradition, parents dream of marrying off their daughter to a rich groom. The bride with a temper breaks the pattern and elopes on the eve of the wedding. Whether the new Indian film will have a happy ending, viewers will find out while watching it.


The movie is based on the story of young adults who find themselves in search of a happy life away from their native India. A society with different rules and principles does not accept the characters, who against all odds want to preserve their native culture and the traditions of their people.


The film is based on Sam Manekshaw’s memoirs recounting the life of India’s first field marshal. The historical and biographical plot conveys the events of the combat career of the Indian Army officer. During the Indo-Pakistan War, Manekshaw was chief leading his army to victory. His life has already become a legend to the Indian people, as the hero was more than once saved by a miracle from death.

Vishama Vrudham

The movie is about a resilient hero who has to work hard to get out of poverty. His encounter with a beautiful girl from a wealthy family fills his life with strong feelings. A classic story of lovers from different estates unfolds. Music and dancing accompany every event in the lives of the characters.


Rahul and Yogesh travel around the country and record videos of paranormal events. One day they receive an offer from a wealthy realtor to spend a few days at his country house to investigate his wife’s suicide. He doesn’t believe that she died of her own free will and suspects that Evil lives in the house. Rahul and Yogesh agree, suspecting that the realtor is as much a charlatan as they are. Yet, they must face the darkness from the very depths of hell which longs to destroy them.


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