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Today’s Barrister Babu April 21, 2021 Written Episode: Manorama Running Away?

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The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu starts with the place where Anirudh will be accused by the officers of the bomb blast, which is why he’s too scared and wonders what’s going to happen next. Then officers come up to him and say that even when Manorama walked out of here, he is also her companion, who helped her in an explosion. They then have to arrest him under the ordinance so that he can be sentenced for his crime. The officer says he will press for a sentence of loss of life.

Then the housemates are startled after listening to this, causing them to lose their minds because they don’t seem to understand what’s going on. When officers arrest him, he says nothing to them, but Bondita takes revenge and says she won’t let him go anywhere else. However, agents force her to shut up, saying they won’t get off their approach and let them take their responsibility. He is a defaulter whose in no way they can launch from their hand.

After that, Trilochan will get upset and wonder that every accusation from Manorama has come in on Anirudh, which in no way applies. However, Sampurna wonders completely differently, she says it is good that every accusation has come about Anirudh and that he is finally being removed from home. Bondita yells at them and insists to launch Anirudh, he didn’t do anything inappropriate, tried to see the circumstances. However, they completely ignore her, saying that if she interrupts them, they should arrest her too.

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Then they force her to take a look and take Anirudh so they can send him behind the prison. Bondita enters her room and begins to cry and wonder how to get Anirudh released from prison, another aspect of the course of events remains on her mind. She remembers all these moments that happened during the celebration, while the explosion, so she can get to know one thing that might help her launch it from there, but she doesn’t keep anything in mind.

Now Sampurna will make some conspiracies against her because she is aware that Anirudh cannot come and help her. Therefore, it is a golden alternative to ship her exterior from the house so that she can rule in the mansion. She wonders that if Anirudh left home for a long time in the same approach, Bondita should go, no matter what happens. So don’t forget to stream it on Colors at 8:30 PM and stay connected with us for additional updates.

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