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Today’s Anupamaa Written Episode Update April 21, 2021: Vanraj leaves home

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Dolly goes to Nandini’s house, the place where Kavya decides her wedding ceremony dress. Dolly tries to make Kavya feel like she’s withdrawing your choice, because you shouldn’t be proud of this choice. But even after countless sentences, Kavaya didn’t see any and begins to misbehave with Dolly. She pushes her again, but in between Nandini calls Anupama and tells her everything. Anupama promptly leaves for Nandini’s house when Kavya is about to raise her hand on Dolly. However, Anupama is holding Kavya’s hand.

Dolly continues to say that she has not been given anything about this relationship as an alternative to pain and sorrow. She also says that Vanraj only loves Anupama and also appears in his eyes. Kavya pushes her again, but Anupama holds her again. However, Dolly says that Kavya intentionally or unintentionally causes damage to her household at all times. Kavya yells at Dolly and asks her to leave this house. Meanwhile, Anupama comes and asks Kavya to consider her behavior, but Kavya refutes Anupama so as not to disturb the members of the family, since you are no longer.

Dolly asks if she misplaced her senses or what, Dolly says she involved Anupama as her Bhabhi and no one else. Kavya says it is a must to settle for me as your Bhabhi after I married Vanraj and asks her again to leave. Anupma will get fumes and says that Kavya is crossing her line and that he or she knew the best way to learn to behave with everyone. She says she will remain Dolly’s sister in law for another 48 hours and if you misbehave with her again, I’ll beat you in your own house.

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Kavya smokes and Anupama leaves with Dolly. After Nandini tells Kavya that Vanraj should change his choice, given this behavior of yours. Kavya shouts again that someone comes into her house and challenges her first Baa and now this Dolly. Nandini says that if you feel offended in Baa’s taunting, you have to put up with it every day after marriage.

Nandini asks if she just gets Vanraj, Kavya calls his mouth again and says that only Vanraj understands her. But even he doesn’t know her. Kavya thinks Vanraj is avoiding her because of her household, but she will take revenge for every single factor after marriage and throw everyone out of this house. Download the entire episode of Anupamaa on Star Plus at 10pm as we speak and stay tuned for the Anupamaa-written episode.

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