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TNT’s Animal Kingdom season 5 release date, plot and cast

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Animal Kingdom, one of the famous franchises, has scheduled the series renewal for the fifth season.

The pandemic situations brought a big stop after Season 4 of Animal Kingdom. The fourth season overwhelmed the audience and they longed for the fifth season. The officials have announced the Animal Kingdom season premiere, and here’s everything you need to know.

After nearly a year and a half of the pandemic, the TNT series is all set to make its comeback on the screens with Animal Kingdom season 5. Another good news for fans is that the TNT series is preparing to enter the production of Season 6 that will add a fresh touch to the show. The production process started in September according to safety protocols.

Animal Kingdom Season 4

The audience witnessed an action thriller journey in the past parts of the Animal Kingdom series. The show’s storyline revolved around the main characters Smurf and Cody. They portrayed the characters of thieves who are robbing around different parts of the world for survival.

Viewers loved the story’s plot and screenplay, and the fifth and sixth season announcements made them even more happy. Fans were happy with the comeback of their favorite stars. However, fans may be discouraged by the sad news that the sixth season could last.

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When does the Animal Kingdom Season 5 premiere go?

According to officials’ leaks, the public can expect the fifth season of Animal Kingdom around the summer of 2021. The release date has been confirmed with the launch of the official teaser. Actor Shawn Hatosy, the popular face from the series, highlighted the cover of Season 5’s filming around December 2020, easing hopes for an early 2021 release.

Who’s coming back for Animal Kingdom Season 5?

According to news, Season 5 of Animal Kingdom will bring a bag full of characters from the previous seasons. Hatosy’s Pope, Jake Weary’s Deran, Cole’s J, and Ben Robson’s Craig are some of the prominent names appearing on the show’s official website.

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