Tips and tricks for sharp Instagram photos

You take a great photo, maybe edit it a little, upload it to Instagram – and get annoyed that it’s out of focus. Many are familiar with this phenomenon. But it is not random, if you want to get more likes on Instagram, then you need to have perfect photos published. So what can I do to avoid my photos being blurred on Instagram?




Before we devote ourselves to the specifics of the two Instagram image formats, there are a few tips that should be observed when using images for social media channels:


Loss of quality due to data transfer: Anyone who transfers photos, for example from another mobile device or the desktop for uploading to their own smartphone, should under no circumstances use What’s’s app, Facebook Messenger or other comparable tools. These compress the images to speed up image transmission. Instead, they can be sent as an attachment in an email or through cloud solutions.


Filter over filter: Instagram’s large pool of well-known and popular filters (hello, Valencia) has triggered a real filter battle. Some users already use the camera’s own filter during the recording and then put an Instagram filter over it. This leaves its mark. If you want to make sure this doesn’t happen, you should edit your picture before uploading. There are many different apps for this. VSCO and Snapseed are particularly popular in the click partner’s office.


Instagram Stories


Apart from the points already mentioned, blurred images in the Instagram Stories can have another origin. The use of GIF stickers often leads to a severe loss of quality in the original image. You shouldn’t let yourself be put off by this, because we all appreciate the humorous touch that they give many pictures. However, one should be aware of the risk of loss of quality and therefore avoid using GIF stickers, especially when using graphics, so as not to risk blurring.


Instagram feed


Anyone who thinks that the very well-resolved photos from your own SLR camera should also be displayed particularly sharply on Instagram is a fallacy. These pictures in particular look a bit cheesy and fuzzy in the feed and on your own profile page. According to Instagram, the perfect image width is 1080 pixels. In the case of larger formats, Instagram reserves the right to scale them down – and this is where the loss of quality occurs. However, many photographers still swear by a format of 1200 x 1200 pixels. We haven’t had bad experiences with either format so far.


How can I get my pictures into the correct format, especially if I edit them on the desktop beforehand? Don’t worry, you don’t need to know Photoshop, as there are other free tools that allow you to cut. For example Canva.

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