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Three quick emergency clothing solutions

Three quick emergency clothing solutions
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Three quick emergency clothing solutions

Sometimes in the middle of the morning you don’t notice that something is wrong until you are about to throw open the front door…

It is sometimes the case that we are already dressed, coat on and keys in hand, when we suddenly realize that something is not right with what we are wearing. There’s usually not much time to get out the sewing kit or sit down to properly mend something, so I’ve put together three quick fixes for common clothing emergencies…

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If you’re looking for quick fixes for the dreaded falling hem and you’re in a rush, use a glue gun to glue it back on. It’s much quicker to plug this in and warm it up than dig around for your sewing kit, thread a needle and hastily fix your droopy hemline!

Bra Wire Beef

I don’t notice that I’m being pricked by a loose bra thread until I’m completely dressed. One of the best quick fixes for this is to tape the pesky wire with a cloth adhesive patch, it should last you a day or at least until you can replace or repair the bra.

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Loose knot load

Most buds stick to the bitter end and one of the easiest quick fixes to make them last is to paint a coat of clear nail polish over the top of the bud. This will keep it going until you can get the sewing kit to secure it properly.

I’d love to know what you think, leave your comments below if this saved you from a disastrous late morning?

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