‘Thithi’ to ‘Shuddhi’: Five Unusual Kannada Movies You Can Watch Online

Besides KGF, there are many more Kannada movies that deserve to be discovered by people outside of the state.

A nation’s films become a way for people to immerse themselves in its culture and society. All over the world, among the masses, the Indian film industry has always been synonymous with Bollywood. However, India has several film industries and the films they make are also unique.

Sandalwood gained new recognition after the Yash starrer KGF rose to popularity across the country. Although the periodic action drama contained elements of a commercial film, it was still notable for the way it was conceptualized, recorded and presented. However, it was the story that drew the audience.

But otherwise KGF, there are many more Kannada movies that deserve to be discovered by people outside of the state. Here are five offbeat movies we’d recommend.


A director of Adarsh ​​Eshwarappa, Shuddhi takes its viewers on a visual journey through the grim reality of life. The crime drama follows the lives of journalists Jyothi and Divya, an American woman on a secret mission, and Rakesh Patil and Bharat Gowda, two police officers who discover mysterious murders while investigating cases. The culmination of their stories at the end justifies the title. With Nivedhitha, Lauren Spartano, Amrutha Karagda, Shashank Purushotham and Sidhaartha Maadhyamika, the film managed to shock the audience. The visuals are stunning, and this is without a doubt one of the best movies in the Kannada industry. The hand direction makes it a unique watch. If your curiosity is piqued, you can find this movie on Netflix.


Devaki feels like a punch in the stomach with his realistic portrayal of the horrors of the illegal rackets running in the city’s subway. Devaki, a single mom, gets anxious when her daughter Aaradhya doesn’t return from the audition she went for. Helpless, the mother tries to bring her daughter back home and witnesses chilling sights as she uncovers truths about child trafficking. Priyanka Upendra while Devaki effortlessly takes on the role of a single mother. Kishore as inspector assisting Devaki gave a fair performance. The crime thriller directed by H. Lohith is set in the city of Kolkata. The dynamic between Kishore and Upendra feels like that of Vidya Balan and Parambrata Chatterjee in KahaaniYou can watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video.


Who doesn’t love a movie about fighting the system? Chambal without filters gives a picture of the reality of the existing systems in the state. Written and directed by Jacob Verghese, the film follows the life of an IAS officer Subhash, played by Sathish Ninasam, who intervenes to free his department of vices and instead slips into a web involving top bureaucrats and politicians. also. The film makes its points without cacophonic melodrama. Apart from Ninasam, the film also features other good actors such as Sonu Gowda, Roger Narayan and Achyuth Kumar. Sathish was quite convincing as an IAS officer. The movie is available on Amazon Prime Video; However, it is possible to check if it is available in your region.


This quirky film is a dramatic comedy that portrays a family dealing with the death of their 101-year-old patriarch. Directed by debutant director Raam Reddy, this non-actors film also drew attention in the foreign media. Century Gowda’s thithi – the last funeral rites – brings the lives of his son Gadappa, grandson Thammanna and great-grandson Abhi together. The raw depiction of life in an Indian village, the screenplay and the witty dialogues make this film a must-watch. The way in which the film deals with the subject of death is also skilled. If you want a quirky yet raw movie, give this a watch. It streams on Netflix

Ondu Motteya Kathe

Ondu Motteya Kathe is a romantic comedy filmed on Raj B Shetty and Shailashree Mulki. Raj, who is also the writer and director of this movie, writes the character of Janardhana, a bald teacher who falls in love with an overweight woman named Sarala (Shailashree Mulki). This film denounces society’s ideal beauty standards with sharp dialogues. The film remains relevant from start to finish. This movie was such a great entertainer that it was remade in Hindi Ujda ChamanAnother Bollywood Movie, Bala, was similarly conceptualized. It was remade in Malayalam as ThamashaYou can rent this movie on Google Movies; it will not disappoint you.

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