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These DC heroes deserve their own Lego movie –

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The Lego Batman Movie hit theaters in 2017. It was a huge success, both financially and critically. The film generated over $ 300 million at the box office with a budget of $ 80 million.

It currently sits at a rating of 90% on Rotten tomatoes, and even the audience score is 80%. Those are high marks for what is essentially a children’s movie. Despite the success, a sequel now seems further away than just after the release of the film.

The year after The Lego Batman Movie was released, Warner Bros. indicated that they were looking for a sequel. The new movie would still play Will Arnett as the voice of Gotham’s Knight, and it would also be directed by Chris McKay. Unfortunately, the sequel was simply not intended.

Last year Universal Studios bought the rights The Lego Movie franchise. Since Batman and all of his DC super friends are owned by Warner Bros., The Lego Batman Movie sequel was effectively canceled.

Of course, studios don’t usually let potentially profitable franchises clash. There has been no communication between Universal Studios and Warner Bros. so far, but it’s a safe bet to assume that the two will eventually team up for a Lego Batman sequel. While they’re at it, there are a few other DC superheroes who really deserve a Lego movie of their own.


Since a Lego Batman movie exists, it seems like an absolute crime for that The Lego Superman Movie to exist only in our imagination. Batman and Superman are the most iconic superheroes in the entire DC Universe. Not only are they the founders of the Justice League, they are also best friends.

Channing Tatum plays Superman The Lego Batman Movie. It seems wrong to cast an actor with such chops for the character and not give him his own movie. Superman is the perfect straight guy for all the comedy bits that appear in the various Lego movies.

In addition, Superman offers Universal & DC the opportunity to expand their combined universe. The character has a slew of unique villains, and his story would be a great starting point for one Lego Justice League movie.

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman was unfortunately absent The Lego Batman Movie, but there could hardly be any other DC theme Lego movie without hair. Wonder Woman, along with Batman and Superman, leads the entire Justice League.

Like Batman & Superman, Wonder Woman has had her share of live-action forays. The success of the Wonder Woman movie franchise should be enough to get Universal and Warner Bros. to convince that a Lego Wonder Woman Movie is worth pursuing.

As an added bonus, some elements of the character would work better in the animated one Lego style than they did in live action. Imagine the hilarious jokes that the Lego team could come up with involving Wonder Woman’s invisible jet or the Lasso of Truth.

Green Lantern

Green Lantern can use his Power Ring to form just about anything he can think of. The Power Ring offers an opportunity for some crazy images and fun jokes in the Lego movie universe. In previous films, Green Lantern has been portrayed as a Master Builder, who molded the Lego world to his will.

With such an important role in the Lego world, and such unique powers, it would be a shame if Green Lantern didn’t get his Lego movie. Telling a story with the character would simultaneously develop the DC and Lego mythos.

Ryan Reynolds played Green Lantern in the character’s first and only live action outing. In The Lego Batman Movie, the character was voiced by comic mastermind Jonah Hill. A Lego green lantern film could attract both actors for hilarious callbacks and all the new bits.

There are plenty of opportunities for continued collaboration between DC and the Lego movie team. Fans have to hope that Universal Studios and Warner Bros. find a way to work together to continue the fun. Would you like to see one of these? Lego Batman Movie spin-offs? Let us know in the comments!

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