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Them Season 2: release date, cast, plot and everything we know

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Them is the new Amazon Prime original that is amazing and disturbing at the same time. This horror series was widely criticized for its relentless and harsh portrayal of Black trauma. The series is gearing up for the second season, sticking to the two-season sequence when Amazon recorded it, regardless of outside opinions.

Them: Season 2 release date

It’s unclear to take a specific date or even an expected date for the next season with the corona hit timeline. It can be noted that ‘Them’ season 2 may not premiere before 2022.

Them Plot: What is it about?

Season 1 is set in the early 1950s (post-WWII), with America exposing the nation’s racist nuances. A black family (Emory’s) moves to an all-white neighborhood where they are in danger of being destroyed, and so they move to another place in the space of ten days, where they quickly discover that the change of location doesn’t help if the mindsets are the same.

Them Cast: Any News Faces in Season 2?

Ashley Thomas as Henry Emory and Deborah Ayorinde as Livia Emory have had strong performances in the first season, and the storyline also got them started with the severe hardships they have faced from the start, helping us to get along with them from the start. to live with.

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Shahadi Wright, Joseph, and Melody Hurd as the children of Emory’s family, and Alison Pill as one of Emory’s neighbors, are also perfect in their roles. But as the creator, Little Marvin, hinted that each season would be at a different time and place, we expect the cast to change completely for the upcoming season.

Them: What to Expect from Season 2

As previously mentioned, the creator saw this as an anthology that would bring a new storyline, new characters and a new timeline for the upcoming season. As of now, it’s unclear whether the team will bring back the first season’s cast.

Regardless of the factors, there is one thing that can remain the same, it will remain horrifying. Disembodied from the crew, prepare for another horror ride with the next season. So every year a new story, new characters, new people, but the theme is constant.

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