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The Woman in the Window Ending Explained – A Must Watch Flick

The Woman in the Window Ending Explained – A Must Watch Flick
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The Woman in the Window, the American psychological thriller from 2021, is out now and is already impressing audiences. Directed by Joe Wright and written by Tracy Letts, the film was released yesterday i.e. on 14th May 2021. Nowadays people are always looking for movies with something unique or out-of-the-box concept. As a result, horror, action and psychological thriller films have held a special place in the film industry. The public is on the hunt for such films, and the most desired genre is a psychological thriller. That’s why everyone, be it Hollywood or a regional industry, has delivered new movies time and time again. One such movie that has been released recently is ‘The Woman in the Window’. So, later in the article, let’s find out all about the movie and its ending.

Everything you need to know about ‘The Woman in the Window’:

The Woman in the Window is an American movie directed by Joe Wright. It runs in the genre of psychological thriller and suspense. The film is based on a 2018 novel of the same name (by pseudonymous writer AJ Finn aka Daniel Mallory). However, Tracy Letts wrote his screenplay. The film has a running time of approximately 100 minutes. Bruno Delbonnel is the cinematographer, while Scott Rudin, Eli Bush and Anthony Katagas are the producers. 20th Century Studios, Fox 2000 Pictures and Scott Rudin Productions are the production companies behind the film, with Netflix acting as the sole distributor. In any case, let’s take a look at the cast for the movie. It consists of many versatile and emerging actors from the film industry.

The Woman in the Window Ending Explained – A Must Watch Flick

From left: Tracy Letts (screenplay) and Joe Wright (director).


Amy Adams as Dr. Anna Fox: Amy Adams is an American actress popular for her dramatic and comedic roles. Some of her best works are “Cruel Intentions 2”, “Psycho Beach Party”, “Catch Me If You Can” and “Julie & Julia”.

Gary Oldman as Alistair Russell: Gary Oldman is an English filmmaker and actor. He is popular for being a part of movies and shows such as “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”, “Planet 51” and “Fallen Angels”.

Anthony Mackie as Edward “Ed” Fox: Anthony Mackie is an American actor. Some of his best works are “Avengers: Endgame”, “Altered Carbon” and “Million Dollar Baby”.

Fred Hechinger as Ethan Russell: Fred Hechinger is an American actor known for his works from “Fear Street” and “News of the World”.

Wyatt Russell as David Winter: Wyatt Russell is a former ice hockey player and American actor. He is known for being a part of movies and series such as “Overlord”, “Lodge 49” and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier”.

Jennifer Jason Leigh as Jane Russell: Jennifer Jason Leigh is an American producer and actress. Some of her best works are “Miami Blues”, “Backdraft” and “Road to Perdition”.

What is the movie ‘The Woman in the Window’ about?

The film ‘The Woman in the Window’ is about the life of an agoraphobic Dr. Anna Fox. While keeping an eye on her neighbors, she looks at something she shouldn’t have while peeping at the Russell family’s house. They seem like a perfect clan living along her path, but as the story progresses, new revelations are made. The story continues to rotate and this keeps the audience well involved in the film. Netflix even released a trailer for the movie on their official YouTube channel about a month ago. It has already been viewed 1.1 million times and you can click below to check it out.

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The Woman in the Window Ending explained:

The Woman in the Window has a simple ending, but people can tend to confuse themselves as the characters justify their stories at the end. Anna cancels her suicide plans when she sees in her cat’s photo of Punch a reflection of “Jane” in the wine glass. This helped her confirm that everything she saw that night was real and that the woman who called herself Jane actually spent the evening at Anna’s house. However, Anna goes on to confirm her doubts about David whether he can also see the face in the glass. That’s why he tells her all about the first Jane Russel. Her name was actually Katie and she was Ethan’s biological mother.

The Woman in the Window 2021 Movie Ending Explained

A still from the movie ‘The Woman in the Window’.

But she had lost custody when he was a baby because Alistair had caught them living in a meth commune. As a result, he decided to take his son with him. In addition, Alistair paid her to stay away from Ethan and his family. Nevertheless, she tracked them down to Boston and even followed them when they moved to New York. Then Anna realized that she had identified Katie herself as Jane Russell, because she assumed she was their new neighbor. Consequently, Katie just agreed to the misunderstanding when she learned that Anna had met her son. After that, Katie continued the deception as she entered the Russell’s building after leaving Anna’s house. Anna later interprets Russell’s fight as a domestic bickering between Jane and Alistair.

But in reality, when Anna assumed Jane was storming out, Alistair convinced Katie to leave while trying to get her son back. Then Anna saw through the windows of the Russell house that Katie was being murdered. She assumed Alistair had killed her, as the two had fought before. But in reality, she had never actually seen the killer since the wall blocked her view. As a result, she had just assumed that Alistair must be the killer. After all, from her experience with Ethan, he turned out to be a vulnerable and sweet boy, while Alistair looked aloof.

In the end, Ethan confronts Anna after she clears her doubts with David. Ethan had already killed David and now wanted to see Anna die. Ethan was a fledgling serial killer who had previously killed a woman in Boston before Katie. She was Pamela Nazin, Alistair Russell’s assistant. However, Jane and Alistair already knew Ethan was to blame, so they moved to New York for a fresh start. However, it had been only a few days since they had moved, and Ethan had committed murder again. He killed Katie, so they had to hide it to protect Ethan. However, Jane was not as enthusiastic as Alistair in rescuing her killer, stepson. Consequently, the couple got into an argument over the dinner Anna had seen.

The Woman in the Window 2021 Movie Ending Explained

A still from the movie ‘The Woman in the Window’.

Finally, after David’s murder, Ethan tries to kill Anna too. But Anna manages to save herself and kills Ethan while trying to defend herself. Then the actual Jane Russell confesses everything to the police. Ethan had built up a desire for murder and locked Anna as his next target because of her helplessness and living alone. Plus, if you remember, Alistair and Katie seemed confused when Anna thanked Jane Russell for the scented candle she apparently sent. But Ethan had just made that up to get the keys to Anna’s house. Plus, since she’s never actually left the house, she never notices that the keys are missing.

All in all, the movie was extremely great and portrayed the novel from which it has been adapted very well. As a result, it has received a good string of reviews from the public and critics alike. It has only been released on Netflix. Consequently, you can click here to stream the movie on the platform. So watch the movie and let us know your thoughts on it in the comments section below.

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