The Wealthiest Bollywood Stars

Have you ever wondered why so many people want to make a career in acting?

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The obvious answer would be the immense amount of fame, and love actors receive from the audience. However, you can’t overlook that most top stars earn more money than the Powerball lottery jackpot.

Actors that earn more money than Powerball lottery jackpot

Shah Rukh Khan

Well, you must have heard his name, right? Yes, the one and only heartthrob, the king of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan. He tops the list with a whopping net worth of Rs. 4500 crore. His source of income comes from a plethora of platforms.

He charges more than 50 crores for movies. At the same time, brand endorsements can be five crores per ad. He is associated with multiple brands like Pepsi, Neurolac, Airtel, Dish TV, and LUX. Let’s not forget his production company that goes by the name the Red Chillies Entertainment. He’s also the proud owner of Kolkata Knight Riders.

Amitabh Bachan

Big B is one of the few people who can enjoy their never-ending era. He is an inspiration for so many people out there. He is known for his ability to take on any role, be it comedy or Sooryavansham.

In terms of net worth, his value stands at Rs. 2818 crores. For a single movie, he can quickly charge 20 crores. When you talk about brand endorsements, he can demand up to 3 crores per advertisement. Not only the silver screen Big B is also able to capture people’s hearts through TV screens. He was a part of Indian reality TV show Kaun Banega Crorepati.

Salman Khan

When we talk about the wealthiest stars of Bollywood, how can we forget Bhaijaan? You might not be aware that Salman Khan tops the most hated Bollywood Actors list as well. However, you can be assured that the movie will be a super hit merely because of his presence.

Now let’s take a look at what constitutes his net worth of Rs. 1900 crores. Owning to his popularity in the industry, he would not agree to less than 60 crores per movie And four crores for ads. Additionally, he holds a lot of properties and a production house, Being Human Productions.

Akshay Kumar

The actor closely following Salman Khan is Akshay Kumar. He is mainly known for his ‘Can-do’ attitude. He lives as well as maintains a fit lifestyle, and encourages others to do the same.

Not every actor has the caliber to take up as many movies as Akshay Kumar. For that, his charges can go up to 40 crores. He has also been racking in cash by being the brand ambassador for many reputed companies. This includes LG Electronics, Thumbs Up, Honda motorcycles, and Manappuram gold loans.

Aamir Khan

He takes on only a few projects, owing to his perfectionist personality. However, he still makes more money than a Powerball lottery jackpot. He has also been doing a lot of welfare activities through his TV show, Satya Mev Jayate.

Along with that, he also charges a fair amount of 60 crores for doing a movie. He’s been associated with different brands as well. Plus, he runs a production house that goes by the name Aamir Khan Productions.

Actresses that are giving actors a run for their money

Aishwarya Rai Bachan

When you talk about the ladies in the industry, the former Miss World 1994 is at the top of the list. Aishwarya Rai has gracefully completed two decades in this industry with her tremendous acting skills and goddess-like beauty.

Even though Aishwarya Rai is not taking as much work after marriage, her net value still stands tall at Rs. 236 crores. She is the star face of many brands such as Coca-cola, Nakshatra Diamonds, Loreal Palace, LUX, and Titan watches. She can charge up to 6 crores per endorsement.

Madhuri Dixit

The famous dhak dhak girl is next on the list. Every 90s kid would have tried to copy her hook steps. She has been ordained with as many as 6 Filmfare Awards. The government has also bestowed upon her the civilian award Padma Shri.

As of now, her net worth would be somewhere around 240 crores. For every movie, she takes five crores, and endorsements could be negotiated at two crores. In her era, she was paid more than an actor once.

Anushka Sharma

In 2008, Anushka Sharma began her journey. Soon she could climb up the social ladder with her hard work, acting, and charming personality. Later on, she married the famous cricketer, Virat Kohli, and now a third member would be joining them.

She racks in approx. 13 crores for every movie and at least four crores per ad for reputable brands. The long list includes some enormous companies such as Nivea, Pantene, TVS Scooty, and BRU coffee. No wonder her net worth is 232 crores and counting.

Priyanka Chopra

If you look closely, you’ll realize that Pee Cee is more than just a pretty face. She is an actress, model, producer, and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. She has brought glory to India by playing a leading role in an American TV series, Quantico.

So, it’s safe to say that she earns more than a Powerball lottery jackpot in reality. As of now, Priyanka Chopra’s estimated worth would be around 192 crores. This comes from her movie charges and brand endorsements.

So, these were some of the prominent Bollywood stars in the industry making a big buck. Nonetheless, you can make them your role models and work hard so that someday you can surpass them in the industry.


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