The Tale of Comedy and Drama: Senko San Season 2

Whenever it comes to watching an anime series, Senko San comes to mind, and I get so emotional and my wait for Senko San season 2 increases.

And the famous quote from Charles Dickens comes to mind, – No one in this world is useless to lighten its burden on anyone else. “

Now I’m sure you have to ask yourself why she’s talking about helping others and comedy and drama at the same time, so let me tell you that if you watch this series you will experience all things and learn as well. And as you will be waiting for Senko San season 2.

The Tale of Comedy and Drama: Senko San Season 2

About the series: Senko San

A Japanese fantasy and yes comedy manga series from Remukoro, The helpful Fox Senko San.

It was broadcast online via Kadokawa Shotsis comical Newtype website in October 2017 and has collected in eight Tank voucher volumes. It took on the new form as a Tv Anime series from April 10, 2019 to June 26, 2019.

The show turned around Kuroto Nakano {Voted through: Junichi Suwabe (Japanese) Aaron Campbell (English)} and Senko {Voiced by: Azumi Waki (Japanese); Kristen McGuire (English), who are also the show’s main characters.

Kuroto Nakano is an unhappy person whose life is filled with so much stress as he is a young salaryman and his work life always keeps him busy. One day when he came home working overtime and was selflessly tired, he thought if some magic could happen, all this stress could be removed from his life.

As soon as he got home and opened the door, he finds out that a girl with fox ears and tails is preparing food for him. When he saw all this, he was all so surprised. That girl was Senko, sent to Earth by God to make Kuroto’s life happy and blissful.

The Tale of Comedy and Drama: Senko San Season 2

Senko San Season 2: The Suspense of Release Date

I know it’s been over a year, and yeah, like me, you’re also waiting for Senko San Season 2, right? But there’s nothing we can do, we can just wait and watch Senko San Season 1.

I know that neither the media nor the production house has given me or you the correct information that Senko San Season will not be coming, so we are still waiting. So yes, the little light of hope still twinkles in my heart and yes yours too, I know!

But yes you can expect the release soon, the date has yet to be announced. So let’s all wait together to dive deep into the world of Senko Season 2 together, right?

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